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Ways to stay healthy at work!

Ways to stay healthy at work!


You can make small changes and practice them consistently over a long period of time for better health:

• Take hourly breaks - get up from your chair and take a walk anywhere
• Stretch- Touch your toes, lift your hands and just do a few sit-ups
• Avoid elevators - take the stairs and avoid using elevators and escalators
• Walk at lunch - Finish lunch, sip on water and take a walk around with your colleagues
• Organise your workstation- Use your time to get up and fill in your cabinets. Don't roll your chair around your office to get them done
• Hydrate- Drink plenty of water
• Just say "No"- Say "No" to all the treats that get passed around in office like cakes, cookies etc. If you're really hungry, grab some dry fruits.

Try implementing these tips into your daily routine to feel better at office!

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5 Months ago