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What Should Parents Know About Sleep Hygiene In Children?

What Should Parents Know About Sleep Hygiene In Children?

Children are sometimes subjected to the similar sleep disruptions as adults.No matter how old your children are, they are likely to cause sleepless nights. Sleep Hygiene are essential to healthy minds and healthy bodies.

Lack of sleep in children can cause physical and emotional disturbances like:

• They can have a negative effect on performance in school, on the playground, in extracurricular activities, and in social relationships.
• It can result in Attention deficit hyper active disorders (ADHD)
• It may result in problems with growth and development.

How much sleep does a child require?

Birth-2 months need 12-18 hours,
3-11 months need 14-15 hours

1-3 years need 12-14 hours
3-5 years old need 11-13 hours
5-10 years old need 10-11 hours

Must Do's for your child's good night sleep:
• Follow a consistent bedtime routine.
• Establish a relaxed atmosphere at bedtime.
• Try to get a full night's sleep every night.
• Avoid foods or drinks that contain caffeine, as well as any medicine that has a stimulant, prior to bedtime.
• Do not go to bed hungry, but don't eat a big meal before bedtime either.
• The bedroom should be quiet, dark and have the right temperature.
• Get up at the same time every morning.

Parent's do's:
• Eliminate distractions from bedrooms like watching TV, computer use, gaming, long telephone conversations etc.
• Give enough time for children to do their morning and evening routines.
• Spend some special time with your children before they go to sleep. It helps you bond, gives a sense of security and gives parents the opportunity to teach your children how to cope.


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