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What To Expect

What To Expect

How Can You Tell Signs of Pregnancy?
If you miss a menstrual period you may be pregnant, although other things can cause a missed period.
Here are some common signs of pregnancy:
• Missed periods.
• Sore or tender breasts.
• Feeling sick and/or vomiting.
• Frequent urination.
• Feeling bloated.
• Feeling tired.

You may have all of these signs or you may have none of them. Take a home-pregnancy test or go to a health care provider or clinic if you think you might be pregnant. Don't ignore the signs of pregnancy. Even if your pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, your baby deserves a good start in life.

Remember that every pregnancy is different, so see your doctor or nurse to confirm whether you are pregnant. She will estimate the delivery date of your baby. Don't delay. The sooner you know for sure, the sooner you can begin getting the care you and your baby will need during your pregnancy.

What Happens When You go to the Doctor's Office?
You will have several tests performed in the doctor's office:
• A pregnancy test - even if you have taken one at home.
• A urine sample - to make sure your kidneys are OK.
• A blood test - to determine if you are anemic, what your blood type is and whether you are Rh positive or negative. Your doctor may also check for hepatitis B.
• A blood pressure check - because high blood pressure can cause problems for you and your baby.
• A breast exam - and instructions on how to check your breasts each month.
• A pelvic exam - to check the uterus and the cervix (the opening from your uterus to your vagina).
• An HIV test - knowing your HIV status is important. A woman can be unknowingly infected with HIV and the disease can be passed to her baby. If you test positive for the disease, there is medicine available to help prevent your baby from becoming HIV infected.

Make Your Pregnancy an Enjoyable Experience:
• Have people you can depend on to get you to and from prenatal visits.
• Have steady living arrangements for yourself now and for you and the baby later.
• Learn all you can about taking care of your baby before he / she is born.



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