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1610 What-to-Ask-Your-Doctor-about-Natural-and-Csection-Deliveries

What to Ask Your Doctor about Natural and C-section Deliveries

What to Ask Your Doctor about Natural and C-section Deliveries

Pregnancy being one of the most wonderful experiences for a woman, having queries about child birth is very common.

Each woman will have her own doubts as and when the delivery dates are nearing. I have tried collecting some of the frequently asked questions that you can also ask your gynecologist when you go for a checkup.

1.How safe is natural delivery?
2.Does C-section heal faster than natural delivery?
3.What are the postures one can practice for healing of the pain after delivery?
4.When do I decide to go for a C-section?
5.Tips to be relaxed when entering the labor room.
6.What to expect after a C-section or a natural delivery?
7.Explain the procedures of a C-section and natural delivery.
8.Is C-section as bad as it sounds?
9.Tips to get prepared for delivery.
10.When delivery time approaches, most of the natural birth procedures are converted to C-sections. Can you please explain why?
11.What are the signs of natural delivery?
12.What are the signs of a C-section delivery?

I hope these questions will help you clear some doubts about natural and C-section delivery procedures.


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