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When attitude determines your outcome at work

When attitude determines your outcome at work

Having a positive attitude towards those who work under you, does wonders for you. Learn how NOT to have a negative attitude at work.

It should be no surprise that a good attitude always helps you succeed at work, and helps in making more friends. Your attitude can play a major role in deciding the future of your career. A positive attitude can make you productive, likeable, and even popular! A negative attitude, however, is not tolerated too well and can send your career downhill sooner than you expect it.

Here are 6 common workplace attitudes that can be a major turn off:

Acting like you are part of a privileged few

While being a senior at the office could make you feel like the wise one, it is not a good idea to look down upon the newcomer or be unapproachable. Instead of using your experience to boss over your junior, use it to help him/her get more comfortable at work.

Displaying hostility

Your senior status could also make you feel like you deserve certain privileges or a bit of leeway every now and then. And being denied could set you off too. At times like these, instead of displaying a hostile attitude towards your co-workers, take things in good stride and be kind to them.

Disrespecting and bullying co-workers

Not only does bullying and disrespecting co-workers make the office environment unpleasant, it is also illegal. Don’t display your superiority through ridicule, arrogance, and crass behaviour. Always remember to show a little humility.

Exercising superiority

Superiority does not necessarily need to be exercised through work-related tasks. It can also take the form of sexist, racist, and biased behaviour directed towards others at work. During times like these, remember Hemingway: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Being insensitive to others

Insensitivity is often displayed at work in the form of office gossip. Office gossip can end up harming an individual’s reputation and even if you are not the person who started it, lending a listening ear to gossip or spreading rumours could also be deemed as insensitive behaviour. Don’t be part of dirty discussions and never judge people based on what you hear of them.

Being petty

If a colleague has done something to upset you, arguing unreasonably and fighting over it can make you seem petty. Never blow things out of proportion. Always ponder over the situation for a while and if you still can’t understand it, confront your co-worker in private.

Having the right attitude at work will not only make you a productive employee, but also one who is liked and respected by all. Additionally, a good attitude can help you climb the success ladder a lot sooner, increasing your chances of promotions and raises, making you a role model for the younger lot.

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