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Why do people overeat?

Why do people overeat?

If you have started working out diligently, but still haven't lost weight, then you are likely to be over eating. Many people absentmindedly over eat without even realizing. Overeating is usually a symptom to a problem which people fail to notice. It is important to observe your eating pattern and pinpoint how and why you are overeating, as this will help you deal with the real problem and help you achieve your health goals. Here are 5 things that go wrong:

Eating out of boredom
People tend to overeat when they have nothing better to do. Many people end up lazing around the television and eat just for the sake of eating.

Eating out of habit
Some people get used to overeating out of habit and become comfortable eating more than they need.

Emotional eating is common among people facing stress and anxiety. Many people tend to overeat to sublime their frustrations.

Eating too fast
People who eat fast tend to eat more because, eating fast does not allow the brain to react to the satiety signal given by the body and they continue feeling hungry and eat more.

Food rewards
People, who reward themselves with food every time they do something good, often tend to overeat.

Now that you know why you're overeating, hope you change your eating habits and achieve your health goals.


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