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Wife Expects, Husband Rejects?

Wife Expects, Husband Rejects?

Women are always treated high in our society. They might be a daughter, girl friend, friend, wife, mother, and mother in law, grandmother etc they do expect respect from people because they care. Some lucky ones get what they deserve. Some women expect more and some less. But all women are the same with expectations.

But remember expectations have no limit and always lead to pain. It's not that you should not expect, expect at the right time and with the right person. But know that you cannot be satisfied all the time as the people whom you are expecting from are also a human being with expectations.

Here are some sentences that can help you:

YOU come first and then come others. Respect yourself, love yourself, praise yourself, then others will.

Never depend on others for your happiness. Realize where your happiness lies, do such things. If your husband doesn't, never bother.

•Remember you and your husband are two different individuals. Do not expect anything from him in return just because you have done something for him.

•What others think and talk about you is none of your business. Do something that sounds correct for you. You can't satisfy everyone's needs.

•Remember that your husband as a person is born and brought up with different ideas, environment, relationships etc do not enforce what you like and what you want. He is not married to satisfy you alone!

•Woman is expected to be strong; scientifically it is proved that woman is strong because of her hormone oxytocin. You should play the melody in the musical instrument called life than playing harsh tunes.

Give up fights before you sleep, so that you wake up next day morning with a new ray of hope.

•Never use negative phrases to put across your point, that's what can go up to a fight.

•It's not that men don't possess feelings, they take a lot of time to learn what you want and they forget. You will have to keep reminding them. Do not fight for this, accept this fact.

You as a parent should love, give time, happiness and guidance is to kids than a posh lifestyle and bank balance. The latter can be achieved at any stage of life.

Remember "you don't have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you".


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