Women: Weight Concerns & Body Image

  • 119 Months ago
Women: Weight Concerns & Body Image

Body image affects women at all ages and in all aspects of life. Self confidence improves with a positive body image. When it is negative, it can lead to low self-esteem and lower self-confidence. Maintaining a positive body image can be challenging yet can be achieved.

Female dissatisfaction with appearance and poor body image begins at a very young age. Pressure to be thin can come from many areas such as trainers, parents, friends, and magazines.

Body image is affected by many events like:

  • Getting weighed at the doctor's clinic
  • Trying on clothes smaller than the actually body type
  • Eating a large or small meal

As a woman, ups and downs in weight are normal. Pregnancy can also cause weight changes that are difficult to reverse. All these variations and events can lead to frustration.

And thanks to the media, women have become accustomed to extremely rigid and uniform standards of beauty. Television, billboards, and magazines project a false idea of beauty. These standards are often harder to attain for women. Many female movie stars and fashion models live unhealthy lives. Some smoke or take pills to control their weight, eat very low calorie diets and have strenuous exercise schedules. These women do not represent ideals of fitness or health.

Effects of a very low calorie diet:

Weight management is a balancing act. It can lead to bizarre eating and exercise habits. To maintain healthy eating habits, a woman must develop an understanding of the nutritional requirement with a realistic expectation of body shape.

A very low calorie diet can lead to many problems, which can be life long and, at times, life-threatening.

  • Temporary weight loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Rebound weight gain
  • Slower metabolism
  • Mood Changes

A positive body image allows you to feel attractive and strong throughout your life and also feel good inside and out. The best way to have a positive body image is:

  • To feel positive as a person
  • Staying active
  • Regular exercise
  • Nurturing the body by eating healthy food
  • Wearing clothes that flatter your body shape
  • Discourage negative body-shaming comments from people