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Your Paunch Might Reduce With KAPALABHATI Pranayam

Your Paunch Might Reduce With KAPALABHATI Pranayam

Kapalabhati is one of the pranayam techniques which involves an active and forceful exhalation, with a soft inhalation. The abdomen and chest are actively used.

It is one of the cleansing techniques in yoga practice. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • It is said to clear the lungs & nasal passages thereby improving blood circulation and increasing oxygen uptake.
  • It tones up abdominal muscles.
  • It's also a great stress buster.

A yoga practitioner is able to practice this pranayama better than a person who is not yet initiated into yoga. If you wish to start Kapalabhati, get your blood pressure checked, learn the right technique from an expert and begin. Please note that it's contraindicated in pregnancy, during menstruation, high blood pressure and surgery. Don't be surprised if your paunch starts melting!

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