Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

  • 36 months ago
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Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy life style can be achieved only by self care. This includes all health decisions made to stay physically and mentally fit. Self care is practicing good hygiene conditions and avoiding health hazards. One of the ways this can be done is by quitting smoking and drinking.

Here are few steps for that:

  1. Put "I" into your vocabulary: As mentioned, self care is important. Give importance to yourself, maintain a healthy weight, and stay healthy. People around you may appreciate you for that.
  2. Take the stress out of weighing in: Be clear with yourself about what that number on the scale really means. Remind yourself that you are choosing to use the scale as a weight loss tool. Do not get demotivated seeing the number.
  3. Move beyond guilt: Stop feeling guilty about every mistake. Mistake may be gulping an ice cream, eating a pizza, but do not worry about it. Stay calm and end the guilt trip through exercise.
  4. Taming the emotional eating beast for good: Do not get too emotional and start eating insensibly. Stay balanced and watch what you eat.
  5. 5. Become your own best motivator: You can only bring the realistic solution to your problem into sight for the first time. You have to take the initiative to exercise and monitor your calories for yourself.
  6. Write your vision statement for weight loss: Just like a company has a vision statement, maintain a vision statement for you. Let it be realistic.
  7. Plot your strategy: Strategy should be according to your vision statement. Let it be minor goals like for a week, or 2 weeks.
  8. Give yourself a reality check up: Keep a watch on your result every month. Check if you have maintained your weight, lost some or gained some. This can be motivating.
  9. Pave the way for persistence: People around you may talk many things, even if they may be addressing you, know what your goals are and move ahead.
  10. Learn from your own experience: You are your best teacher. To lose weight, or gain or maintain, you would have tried many things and many ways. Learn from those experiences.

Achieving healthy lifestyle is always spoken about, but never achieved. Be an achiever!

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