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Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder

After a traumatic event such as death of a loved one or an accident, a person may develop an anxiety disorder called acute stress disorder (ASD). This ASD usually occurs within one month of a traumatic event and may last up to a month. ASD is often caused by witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event.

The traumatic events that can cause ASD include:

• Threat of death to oneself or others
• Threat of a serious injury to oneself or others
• Threat to physical integrity to oneself or to others

Anyone can develop this disorder and one may be at an increased risk of developing ASD, if you:

• Have witnessed a traumatic event in the past
• Have PTSD or ASD in the past
• Have had mental health problems in the past
• Have had dissociative symptoms during traumatic events

The symptoms of this disorder include a combination of one or more dissociative and anxiety symptoms with evasion of reminders of the traumatic event. The dissociative symptoms include temporary memory loss, depersonalization, emotional detachment and derealisation.

A diagnosis is based on a patient's history and a physical examination to rule out any other disease that can cause anxiety. Treatment for this disorder includes a combination of antidepressants and short-term psychotherapy.

Seek help immediately if you experience symptoms of ACUTE STRESS DISORDER!

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