Air-purifying Plants for Natural Purification of Your Home

  • 9 months ago
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Air-purifying Plants for Natural Purification of Your Home

Humans have adapted themselves to exist in the presence of all kinds of pollution, including air, water, and land. However, it is challenging when pollutants enter our living spaces and disrupt their purity with chemical fumes and dust.

Nevertheless, we have some hope yet, thanks to Mother Nature and the gift of plants. Even with a little bit of greenery inside our homes, it is possible to achieve indoor air purification without investing in any technological innovations available in the market.

Research published by NASA in 1989 proved that indoor plants absorb toxic chemicals and fumes present in a living space. Even though a significant amount of foliage is required to mitigate indoor air pollution, we can start by tending to specific air-purifying plants.

Causes of Indoor Air Pollution: Allergens and Their Reactions

There are several reasons for allergies and indoor air pollution. They include,

● Dust from carpets, window sills, nearby construction, and roadside traffic

●  Microbes from furniture and furnishings

● Fumes and gas from household cleaning solutions

● Other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from various sources, including wall paints and furniture coating

These pollutants, whether dust or fumes, can cause mild to severe reactions. Further, they may even obscure symptoms that are difficult to manage. The use of indoor plants is effective if they are strategically placed around the living space.

Easy-to-Manage Indoor Plants for Natural Air Purification

Even though it is proven that indoor plants absorb toxic chemicals and indoor air pollutants, some species are more effective than others. The following list describes a few plants that can grow well in the indoor environment, are easy to maintain, and act as the best natural air purifiers.

● Aloe Vera

Frequently known as “green gold,” aloe vera requires very little water and almost no maintenance. Just let it catch enough sunlight in the morning, and it will give you immense benefits. Aloe vera is the best natural air purifier available, and it can be used for other purposes such as skincare and haircare, thereby making it suitable as a houseplant.

● Money Plant

The plant requires minimal maintenance, low sunlight, and less water. Just place it in an area that receives direct sunlight once a day, and it will thrive.

● Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

The snake plant has beautiful foliage of twin colors and a myriad of patterns. It requires low maintenance, less water, and can grow in any well-lit area.

● Areca Palm

A larger plant best suited for the living room, the areca palm is easy to maintain and can grow with minimal light and water. Further, it is safe for household pets.

● Syngonium

Like the snake plant, it requires less maintenance in all ways. Syngonium is also known as the arrowhead plant, as it has beautiful, pointed, variegated leaves to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

Several other indoor plants, such as peace lily, aglaonema, and jade, can help relieve allergy-causing toxins and indoor air pollution. They let you breathe freely at home. Invest in a few to make your living space beautiful, safe, and healthy.

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