Are you in a FoMO race?

  • 50 months ago
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Are you in a FoMO race?

Are you living your life in fear, in Fear of missing out? Of being first in a popularity race to achieve the successes that you feel(which may not necessarily be true) that your friends and colleagues are achieving on social media?

When we see the posts of our friends and colleagues (which are almost always positive in nature), we may start feeling that if we aren’t experiencing the same level of success or happiness then something must be wrong with us. In reaction to it we may post things from our own life that we may think will make them feel insecure, though false. This is getting into the FOMO RACE.

This race only magnifies our own feelings of insecurity and deepens the tendency to make comparisons. It becomes a vicious cycle. It drives us to keep racing with the perceived achievers and cram more stuff into our already hectic lives.

Before posting, examine your motivation.  Are you trying to build yourself up in the eyes of your “friends”? Or are you legitimately trying to share life’s moments with those you care about?

The reason is often mistreated in the realm of social media.

With FOMO in the air, it’s now our social responsibility to consider whether our posts are likely to contribute to other people’s insecurity?

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