Common Fitness Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

  • 15 months ago
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Common Fitness Mistakes That Prevent Weight Loss

Do you follow a strict fitness regimen and a good diet, but still see no changes in your weight?

Avoid these common fitness mistakes that are keeping you from losing weight:

Fitness mistakes that prevent weight loss

No Weight Training

If you are working out and weight training is not a part of your fitness regimen, then it's time to add them to your exercise. Expect 100% fat loss when weight training is included as against exclusive cardio that causes only 75% fat loss. Researches also suggest that weight training utilizes 71% more calories than expected.

Insufficient Weight Lifting

Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Lifting weights beyond your accustomed intensity leads to strengthening of muscles. The same holds good even for women, though they need not worry about bulking up as their bodies don't produce enough hormones for that.

Missing Lower Body Exercises

If you are intending to lose your big belly, do not miss out on exercises for your lower body. Research also suggests that you burn more calories when you strength train your lower body as compared to the upper body.

Avoiding Your Diet

It’s a huge mistake if you make exercise as an excuse to eat whatever you want just because you are exercising. Watch what you eat and know the foods that you should avoid. Or simple, just contact your dietitian today!

Lack of Consistency

Is a busy schedule your excuse to skip exercise today? Research suggests that people are 15% more productive on the days they work out. So, how about working only for 8 hours instead of 9 and utilizing that one hour to get in shape?

Over Exercising

Over exercising is another big mistake that you should avoid making. Exercising more is not always better. Doing too much exercise might lead to increase in your appetite level, making it hard to sustain any sort of healthy eating diet plan. So, focus on keeping your workouts short, but intense.

Never Changing Your Exercising Regime

Following the same exercise regime over and over again makes your body adapt to it and your body stop’s showing results. Change it up, even if it’s just adding a new exercise. Sometimes, this is all you need to get results and make progress towards your weight loss goal.

Give it a thought... It's worth the effort!

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