Balancing Work and Family For A New Dad

  • 108 Months ago
Balancing Work and Family For A New Dad

Being a new father can often seem like a full-time job. Even if your baby is breastfed by the mum, there are a lot of other things for dads to do to help take care of your baby, in addition to chores in and around the house. Most other dads, will have to balance the extra work they have at home like caring for their new baby with the demands of their regular job. They may even find themselves working longer hours or at a second job to keep up with the extra expenses that a new baby can bring.

Although working definitely can be important for your career and the financial future of your family, if a new dad doesn't figure out a way to balance the time you spend at work with the time spent with the family, you may miss out on important opportunities to bond with the new baby. Finding a balance between work and family can be especially hard for dads who have to travel a lot as a part of their job. In addition to trying to spend as much time at home as you can, without sacrificing your own career plans, one of the best ways to balance work and family time.

  • Don't bring work home with you, so that when you are home with your family, you are really home and can spend quality time with them.
  • On the way home from work, turn off the phone, turn up the stereo and use the time to de-stress so you come home ready to be dad.
  • As your kids get older, tell them about your work – where it is, what you do, what happened to you today. You could call them from work, or take them in and show them around, if it’s safe.
  • Make some special time for your family, no matter how much time you have to spend at work.

Every family is unique, so balance can look different to different families. To get things working for your family, it's a good idea to start by talking with your partner about the type of parents you both want to be. Your chances of finding a good balance are greater when you work together.