Being an Awesome Husband!

  • 98 Months ago
Being an Awesome Husband!

This article is a very Special message to all dads on how to be a good dad to your child and a supportive husband to your wife.

Bringing your new baby home is a big change for the family.
Your partner needs all your support, patience, and help. Try not to expect too much like a clean and tidy house, a grand meal or lots of time to watch your favorite show.

Support your wife/partner by helping out with household chores. This is the time for her to recover from childbirth. You can also help her by spending time with your baby. A father who helps take care of his baby feels more comfortable with his child and develops a special sense of closeness.

Best Tips for an awesome husband:

Spending Time Together: Feeling left out is a common feeling every partner goes through at this stage as new moms tend to experience unpredictable emotions. However, this is no reason to stay away from her. Try talking to her and comfort her in the best way you can.
Bonding with your wife and little one: Being there while she is breastfeeding will help you bond with her and the baby on an emotional level.
Allow her to relax: If your wife needs extra sleep, get up with the baby when you can. This helps you bond with the baby well. Share house chores and make sure she focuses more on her recovery and the new baby.
Be Involved: Involve yourself in day to day activities. If you miss out on any of these, you might be losing some precious moments of your baby's life.
Make her feel special: Give a call to your wife during your work hours and check how your wife and the baby are doing.. What about an occasional surprise with some breakfast on the bed or a cup of her favorite ice cream?

You can be of big help in many ways. Gone are those days when only mothers were involved in taking care of the baby. Sharing responsibilities would be a great idea to learn and understand what parenthood is all about. You can change diapers, soothe a crying baby, play with him or even put him to sleep.

Here is a small note to all the mothers - If your partner would like to manage home differently, give him the freedom to do it his way! Appreciate his effort to be involved in the process. You can afford to give yourself a break, use the time to rest.