Benefits From Exercises During Pregnancy.

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Benefits From Exercises During Pregnancy.

Exercise boosts up your mood and spirit: It increases the flow of the "feel good" hormone like endorphins and soothing hormones like dopamine and serotonin in the body. Exercising during pregnancy also lowers the risk of depression, anxiety and boosts your self-confidence.

Increases your energy levels: Keeping yourself active during pregnancy increases your stamina and energy levels. This in turn, can strengthens your body and make you feel stronger and capable of achieving your goals. Exercise relieves stress and gives you a good night's sleep, which otherwise might keep you awake with unwanted anxiety.

Control Gestational Diabetes: More than 18% of pregnant women face this during pregnancy. It occurs due to hormonal changes and mostly goes away after delivery. If high levels of blood sugar remain untreated, it can have dangerous effects on the baby. Exercise is a very effective tool in avoiding and controlling gestational diabetes.

Prepare you for labor: Apart from benefiting you from aches and pains of pregnancy, exercising prepares your body for the big day of labor. Research shows that healthy pregnant women who exercise regularly, have short labor periods and recover faster without pain relief drugs post-delivery.

Healthy Start for your baby: Regular moderate exercises can be beneficial for the baby as well. Studies show that babies of active mothers have healthy birth weight.
Maximize your benefits for you and baby with exercises during pregnancy.

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