Big Confusion: Can Women Swim During Periods?

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Big Confusion: Can Women Swim During Periods?

If you’re a woman, you would know what menstruation is. Even if you don’t, we got you covered. It’s a natural process wherein, each month vaginal bleeding occurs as a part of the female’s monthly cycle. While menstruation has been largely normalized, there are several misconceptions/confusions associated with it. And one such confusion is: “Can women swim during periods?”

If you too have the same question or questions related to the above in your mind, this blog has the answers. So, read in full.

Swimming can be Unsanitary During Periods. Is It True?

Periods can be annoying, especially when they come unannounced during your well-planned beach vacation. But that never means you cannot swim.

With the help of products like tampons, menstrual discs, or menstrual cups without risking your or others' hygiene, you can swim. These products help prevent any accidental leak into the water, saving you from trouble.

Pro Tip: It would be good if you do not go for sanitary pads or liners as these products tend to soak water.

Will Swimming During Periods Pollute the Water with Blood?

Nope, provided you opt for the right products while menstruating that manage the blood flow efficiently. Also, the water pressure in swimming pools temporarily stops or slows down the blood flow while you are in it: which is nature's way of saving you from embarrassment.

However, if you cough or sneeze, the pressure can change, and some blood might flow out. A tampon or menstrual cup would save the day though.

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Can Swimming During Periods Cause Infection?

It is a myth that swimming during your periods can lead to vaginal or menstrual infections. With the right preventive measures, it will be unlikely to catch a vaginal infection. But to be one step further, make sure you ask the local authorities about the information on the water quality.

Chlorine found in almost all swimming pools can sometimes be harmful to the vagina. So do not forget to take a shower and wear fresh clothes right after coming back from the swim. It’s because prolonged exposure to these chemicals can lead to an increased risk of infection.

Can Swimming Worsen Menstrual Cramps?

“Swimming can aggravate pain and cramps, especially in the lower stomach and back” You must have heard this statement quite a lot. Fortunately, it’s a complete myth and the opposite is true.

Physical activities like swimming or exercise can actually help you relieve the pain and discomfort during your periods. How?

Well, Low-intensity activities like swimming lead to the release of endorphins. These endorphins act as natural painkillers for your body and relieve you from the discomfort caused due to menstrual cramps.

Also, according to research, if you suffer from PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), swimming can even help reduce its symptoms.

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What are Some Tips to Follow While Swimming During Periods?

If you have planned to go swimming during your periods, here are some tips to follow: -

Go for Tampons or Freshly Cleaned Menstrual Cups

Tampons are one of the best menstrual products that absorb the blood before it reaches your underwear. You can also go for brand new or freshly cleaned menstrual caps that collect the blood without letting it exit from your vagina.

These two options are much better than the sanitary pads or pantyliners because of their absorbent and leakage-proof qualities. That means safe and comfortable swimming without leaving a trail of blood around.

Carry Extra Tampons

What if you get your periods early or while you are swimming? In that case, some extra tampons could come to the rescue and save you from embarrassment.

Go For a Dark-coloured Swimsuit

If you are conscious about getting stains or spots even after wearing a tampon, it is better to go for a dark-colored swimsuit.

What’s more, when you go swimming during periods, keep a towel close to you. Why?

The pressure in water might temporarily stop the blood flow, but as soon as you come out of the pool, the pressure could drop drastically, leading to blood flow. In this case, a towel would come handy.

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Final Word

Swimming or enjoying a hot bathtub are known to relieve pain, relax your body and offer therapeutic benefits. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try them during menstruation. However, you must take the necessary precautions such as using tampons, menstruation cups, and keeping a towel handy.

So, if you have a pre-planned vacation that includes having a good time by the pool or at the beach, do not let periods come your way. Take all the precautions and have the best time.

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