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Body Odour - Make It Pleasant

Body Odour - Make It Pleasant

Body odour or body smell is caused by bacteria in the presence of sweat. Whether the odour is pleasant or not is determined by your genes, your health status and perhaps the foods that you eat. Some people believe that eating non-veg foods (particularly red meat) makes the body odour more unpleasant than eating vegetarian foods. 

Usually the sweat in the armpits smells the most.  If the armpits are not kept clean, the body odour can be unpleasant.  Body odour is not determined by the amount of sweat generated.  Sweat by itself is odourless.

Body smell can be made pleasant by using good soaps, after shave lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants or perfumes.  There are underarm liners available in the West that help to absorb excess sweat instead of soaking the clothes.  Also wear fresh clothes everyday; preferably cotton which can breathe and allows sweat to evaporate. 

Personal hygiene goes a long way in controlling your body odour.

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