Body Positivity, Embracing Yourself, Release Yourself

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Body Positivity, Embracing Yourself, Release Yourself

“You can’t control everything. Sometimes you need to relax and have faith that things will work out. Let go a little and just let life happen.”

- Kody Keplinger

The emotional, psychological, and societal well-being encompasses what one often describes as your mental health. A positive attitude can help you win the daily stressors of your life and come out with flying colours. Many aspects these days hinder a positive mind.

These are negative body comments, self-shame, and lack of self-love. In this race we call life, we often cram our ideas and try to fit ourselves in the boxes defined by the society that leaves us emotionally damaged in the long run. Some of the issues are addressed here.

What is Body Positivity?

Body positivity, a word that has gained momentum over the past many years, refers primarily to an assertion of perceiving a body-positive image despite how society perceives you. Body positivity has now turned into a social movement and continually empowers individuals of all ages and races.

It has now turned into a want by the people as a reason to be able to accept themselves no matter what social media projects. It is to assert positivity regardless of your skin colour, fashion preference, and body type. It is basically to stand outside the society’s brushed-up image of thin, skinny, tall, and fair-skinned.

Often, developing a poor image of the body has resulted in various mental and physical health issues such as depression, eating disorders, and low self-esteem. These have resulted in near-permanent damage to one’s health in so many instances.

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What is Self-Shame?

One other aspect that can remain challenging throughout the process is holding on to the feeling of self-shame. Releasing shame or practicing self-compassion can prevent you from spiraling down the negative emotions’ road. Self-shame is the opposite of self-love as it demeans and puts oneself down for every judgment and question made.

Therefore, practicing self-compassion, building confidence grants you the support to heal and grow in the long run. Practicing self-compassion is not an easy trait, but one can cultivate it over time, especially when we stop critiquing everything we do.

How to Embrace Yourself?

One can always begin by addressing the most challenging issue, self-ownership. It is not possible in a day but a process that involves integrating your experiences, growth, and evolution.

  1. Discourage yourself from believing that you ‘can leave parts of you behind.’
  2. Identify parts of you that you had previously disowned.
  3. Make a note of your accomplishments that have made you proud.
  4. Compliment yourself for practicing self-compassion.
  5. Ensure you feel the positivity not just within the body but also within the mind.
  6. Find connections in specific body postures or yoga to let go of the negativity.


In the current age, when we are constantly controlling not just how we look outside our home but also how we project ourselves into society, most people feel like they are misfits. It could either not appreciate your body because you have been told directly or indirectly by society that you do not look a certain way or ashamed of yourself.

Luckily therapists are now available to deal with such psychological issues. The Wellness Corner can help you choose the right therapist who can make positive changes in your emotional life.

Staying mentally healthy involves having a body-positive image, self-love, and releasing shame so that you live your today fully and are hopeful for a happier and more content tomorrow.

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