Boost Energy With These Hour-By-Hour Tips

  • 19 months ago
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Boost Energy With These Hour-By-Hour Tips

Staying energized both physically and mentally can get challenging, considering the tight schedules followed in today's lifestyle. We bring to you simple tips which you can follow to stay energized all day long.

Waking Up [6:00]

  • Set your alarm earlier purposely so you can get a snoozing challenge. Repetitive alarms are going to interrupt your sleep. Even if you try sleeping again, you'll realize that your sleep quality has diminished and you'll eventually wake up.
  • Leaving the blinds or curtains slightly open will reduce the production of melatonin, making it a struggle to get to sleep. It is ideal to wake up after seven to eight hours of sleep to get as much rest out of bed as possible.

Before Your Commute [7:00]

  • Having breakfast after waking up is good for your metabolism, especially if you are a gym or a working person who has to travel early morning.
  • You can have warm water/herbal tea, fruits (if you do not have acidity issues), fruit smoothie, shakes, fruit + milk, soaked nuts, roasted seeds, warm water + honey and lemon, boiled egg, peanut butter with whole wheat bread, etc.

On The Way In [8:00]

  • If your office is close to your home, walk instead of commuting via a vehicle for a small distance. Walking will not only exhibit benefits on your body physically but also mentally. It triggers the release of endorphins and instantly helps you relieve anxiety.
  • If you live far from the office location, try mindfulness in between. The daily commute is a great occasion to train the mind. Take deep breaths, relax and practice conscious thinking. Till the time you reach the office, you'll have mental firepower to plan, understand situations, and solve problems.

Take a Moment to Get Organized [9:00]

  • You can be much more productive when you focus on the moment and live in the present. If you have a lot of thoughts running through your head, organize them. See clearly what is important to you right now.
  • Declutter your desk if it is all messed up. Rearrange stuff to their original places. It will help to reduce stress. Once your desk is ready, you can initiate working.

Time for Coffee [10:00]

  • The early morning might not be the best time for your caffeine but 10:00 am or around seems the idle time for some coffee. It is also because that is the time when most people's cortisol level is low. Cortisol helps keep you alert and focused. Your coffee helps elevate cortisol levels.
  • Since coffee takes about 45 minutes to absorb, you'll be the most alert during the most productive morning hours of the day (when at work of course).

Skip the Mindless Eating [11:00]

  • One of the main reasons people end up eating too much is because they eat mindlessly without deciding whether they are hungry or full. Such mid-morning snacks do not add any value to your nutritional needs.
  • You should at least be keeping a gap of 2-3 hours of gap between meals.

Lunch [12:00]

  • Don't have lunch at the same desk you work. Keep it tidy and away from bacteria.
  • Walking after eating can help regulate blood sugar. Try to take a 20-minute walk after lunch. One great reason to take out time to walk is for the reduction of cortisol levels. It enhances your mood.

Take a Nap If Possible [1:00]

  • Take a 1o minute nap if you have a car or office space available where you can rest.
  • Short afternoon naps can boost memory, improve work performance, enhance mood, help you be more alert, and reduce stress.

Give Your Eyes a Break [3:00]

  • Please don't forget to keep a check on your eyes. You can refreshen them by splashing some water if you feel tired or generally.
  • Try the 20-20-20 rule or other eye relaxation techniques.

The Work Stretch [4:00]

  • Sitting all day long can deteriorate your health. It can cause stiffness in your body and also lead to injuries. Thus, stretching is important between work.
  • Check out these desk exercises.

On the Way Home [7:00]

  • Now, by this time, you've spent most of the day in silence working to complete your tasks. Why not hear some good music to pump up your energy?
  • If you rush and unwind your work, your brain will stay in that state for next coming hours. Lighten up your mood by having a chat with your co-workers, or watching a comedy video. Leave the workplace unburdened.

Before Bed [10:00]

  • Avoid any tech gadget right before bedtime. The light from your cell phone or laptop can hinder your sleep quality. Try reading a book or journaling instead. Take a hot shower in advance.
  • Also, many people complain that they wake up at night because they feel hot (some may also experience excessive sweating) and the change in temperature disrupts their sleep. Keep a glass of water beside the bed and chug it to bring the temperature back to normal. It will help you get back to sleep.

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