No Motivation At Work? Here's How You Can Keep Going

  • 14 months ago
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No Motivation At Work? Here's How You Can Keep Going

You will be lying if you claim that you wake up every day with the same motivation and high enthusiasm and get yourself working straight for 8 hours.

Wishing to get a day off from a mundane daily schedule is what we all desire. However, feeling the same way consistently might be a loud indication that you have a deficiency of self-motivation. And this deficiency can impact personal growth and work productivity. So, what to do? Well, read along.

Importance Of Self-Motivation in the Workplace

Quick question: Do you know what is the biggest asset for any company? Well, it is none other than self-motivated employees. An employee's motivation is directly proportional to his/her performance and efficiency at the workplace.

Moreover, keeping yourself motivated at work is a sure-shot way of recognizing your potential and contributing your best towards the objectives and goals of the organization. Thus, the need to stay motivated at work is inevitable.

So, in a nutshell, self-motivation is not just an item that one could buy at the grocery store. Rather, one has to push his limits to get out of the motivational swamp. Keep reading the blog if you want to learn how to instill self-motivation, especially at work.

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Ways To Motivate Yourself During Difficult Times

  1. Lay-Down Goals for Self
  2. Set a Reward System for Achieved Goals
  3. Challenge Yourself in Acquiring New Skills

1. Lay-Down Goals for Self

We all have hopes and aspirations that we wish to achieve in life, right? So, climb the staircase of motivation to achieve better work productivity by setting goals first. However, do NOT over-stress yourself by setting high or difficult goals in the initial phase.

Go for objectives that you are confident about and that are achievable. Accomplishing such goals will be a great kickstart for filling in self-motivation that will eventually lead to the personal growth of an individual.

2. Set a Reward System for Achieved Goals

The reward system that is being followed by many companies today basically charges up the dopamine level in an individual, which acts as a catalyst in leveling up an employee's motivation. Likewise, follow this principle in your personal life.

To quote you an example, if you have 3 tasks that you have been procrastinating on, set a reward for yourself on their completion. It could be a movie night with friends or family upon completion. However, if you fail to complete the tasks, sit home and work. This is how your human psychology will push your limits to attain your self-set goals.

3. Challenge Yourself in Acquiring New Skills

If you are striving to work on your personal growth not in your workplace but also in your personal life, then buckle up yourself and be open to learning new skills and things. Consistently assigning new tasks to your brain will assist it in working efficiently and staying motivated all the time.

You must be thinking about how to procure this task, right? Well, simply by reading currency affairs, books, online articles, which altogether will be a great recharge for your brain and motivation at work. Moreover, practicing this habit on a daily basis in due course will prove to be extremely beneficial for people working in ever-evolving industries.

Ways To Let Go of Procrastination

We all procrastinate our tasks or something else at some point in time in our life, right? Well, that is quite normal until and unless you make it a habit. That is a red flag if you are striving to rocket your personal growth. Rather, it will hamper it to an unimaginable extent. So, follow the below methods to get away from this procrastination:

  1. Keep Yourself Surrounded by Motivated People
  2. Follow a Healthy Regime

Keep Yourself Surrounded by Motivated People

No, installing motivation in the self is not always an uphill battle. Sometimes being around self-motivated people, be it your friend's circle or colleagues at work, is a fast and natural way to attain and sustain the motivation for a long time.

Your elders must have once in their lifetime advised on becoming friends with wise people. Why do elders say that? Well, they know that the kind of friends you make impact your personal growth. So, it is highly recommended to spend more time with highly motivated people to consistently achieve new goals and skills.

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How does it work in a real-life scenario right? Frankly speaking, the aura of such high-motivated people is contagious and could pressurize an individual to get out of their comfort zone to blend with the entire circle or companions. This factor can be remarkably notable in the case of blazed-up employee motivation when there is healthy competition in the workplace.

Emotional Counseling

Follow a Healthy Regime

The horizon of self-motivation is a vast one. In other words, it is not just confined to the bars of work productivity at the office but also revolves around the physical health and lifestyle of an individual.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will help in keeping you healthy both mentally and physically is one of the significant factors in gaining confidence and required motivation at work.

And you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising daily, drinking water in a good amount, sleeping for at least 8 hours, and taking mandatory breaks while working on relaxing your brain.

Keeping a track of your daily activities is a great way to work towards building better habits!

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It's time to quit overthinking and procrastinating on your self-motivation drive because it is action time. Drag yourself out of your comfort zone, set new goals, and watch yourself achieve motivation that you have been lacking for a long time. Prosper your personal growth as well as your performance at work today by prospering your motivation.

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