Breast Feeding During Pregnancy, Is It Safe?

  • 102 Months ago
Breast Feeding During Pregnancy, Is It Safe?

Breast feeding your baby and being pregnant again will be multi tasking. Yes, breast feeding during pregnancy can be done and it is safe.

There are changes that happen to your breasts when you are pregnant like soreness in the breast and softening of nipples. These symptoms might worsen when you are breastfeeding another child.

When you are pregnant, your nutrition needs increase and it differs when you are lactating. You should be able to match your nutrition needs for both the situations.

Your baby might need kangaroo care or may need a lot of attention. You should not forget to take care of yourself. Please ask for help and make sure you create a comfort zone for yourself as well as the baby.

If you have had a history of premature delivery or if you have bleeding or intra uterine pain, your health care provider might ask you not to breast feed your baby. It is better to take complete information from your health care provider.

You would have already gone through a lot of changes, always plan your second pregnancy in perfection. But if you have conceived, don't forget to take care of yourself.