Breathe your way to concentration

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Breathe your way to concentration

Breathing is a reflex action, something that we rarely pay attention to. Consciously controlling your breathing paves the way to increased concentration. It is effective & is freely available to all. So what’s stopping you? Let’s use the resource that we have.

During different emotional states, the rate of respiration fluctuates. In tragic circumstances breathing could become a challenge as people often find it difficult to breathe . On the other hand, experiencing anger usually makes our breathing shallow, decreasing the oxygen intake. The key is to learn to breathe evenly.

Spiritual abilities and breathing are closely related. According to spiritual science, breathing has two sides, ascending and descending. Inhaling is ascending movement while exhaling is descending. During the ascending mode, the person is closer to his or her spiritual state and in the descending mode moves towards gravity. We are more close to our spiritual state when the inhaling is prolonged and the breath is retained longer than usual. Try & block out all thoughts & concentrate on the flow of breathing.

Technique -

  • Sit in a cross-legged position.
  • Keep your back straight; avoid having any part of the body tense.
  • Exhale from both nostrils so that the lungs are free from air.
  • Slowly inhale through nostrils.
  • When the lungs become full, exhale through the mouth without holding it.
  • During exhaling keep your lips round as if whistling, without holding it.
  • This exhaling and inhaling constitute one cycle. At the beginning start with eleven cycles and gradually go up to twenty-one.

All respiratory exercises should be performed at least two and half-hours after a moderate meal. The best time for doing breathing exercises is pre-dawn. At that time not only are we mentally and physically alert but the ratio of oxygen in the air is also the highest. The second best time for breathing exercises is before going to bed at night.

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