Breathwork and Its Healing Benefits on Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Breathwork and Its Healing Benefits on Body, Mind, and Spirit

Breathwork, as the name suggests, refers to any kind of exercise-related to breathing. Focusing on breath improves the overall well-being and helps to balance the physical, spiritual, and mental states.

People love doing breathwork therapies as it makes them feel rejuvenated and promotes deep relaxation.

According to studies, it is an effective way of decreasing stress levels and it has an array of benefits that brings improvements in people’s life. Let’s explore them-

Benefits on Body

When you consider breathwork, you are likely to think about the process of breathing—i.e. breathing in and breathing out. But what makes this process beneficial? Breathing is an essential activity because it circulates oxygen into your system that stimulates the whole body and is fuel for the cells.

It may seem simple, effortless but it requires different parts of your body to coordinate and complete every single cycle.

By breathing profoundly, you bring attention to your nervous and respiratory systems that deliver oxygen to organs effectively. Breathwork provides you a calm feeling by lowering your blood pressure and normalizing your heart rate.

Deep breathing can relax your mind during panic mode, especially during stressful times. It helps the body combat stress by releasing “feel good” chemicals like endorphins and bringing down the stress hormones causing so (cortisol).

Whenever you do breathwork next time-

  • Watch your chest/diaphragm and belly rise and fall.
  • Pay attention to the temperature and moisture of your breath.
  • Feel the movements of bones and muscles.
  • Notice how your body feels lighter when you do deep breathing.

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Benefits on Mind

Apart from reducing the stress (as discussed above) hormones, breathwork lets you control your emotions in a better way. According to studies, breathing is intimately linked with mental functions.

It helps you have a better grip on your anger issues, anxiety, depression, grief, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It makes you aware of your internal thoughts, promotes mindfulness, and builds self-acceptance.

Spiritual Benefit

When you inhale air you can feel the calmness within yourself and you let the “prana” (life force) flow inside you. Breathwork can lift your spirits and make your energy vibrate higher. While practicing, don’t forget to feel the spirit connecting to the universe.

Holotropic breathwork or holotropic therapy is a practice that involves meditation music (spirit awakening music) and instructions are narrated by a guide, making the process a serene one. Many people have experienced spiritual awakenings and greater connectivity with themselves after this therapy.

Wrapping It Up

There are many breathwork techniques that fitness experts favour to control psycho physiological states and promote organ functioning. The incredible power of breathwork helps overcome challenges that everyone struggles with. It reduces anxiety, increases awareness, develops strong feelings of love, peace, gratitude, and clarity. Browse workout library of over 200 different exercises curated by The Wellness Corner’s fitness coaches along with meditation and yoga sessions on The Wellness TV sessions.

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