Build Muscle, Not Fat

  • 3 months ago
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Build Muscle, Not Fat

Many people (men in particular) secretly wish for more muscle and less fat.  Unfortunately, muscle doesn't build by sitting at the computer all day long, or by eating protein supplements.

Weight training and other forms of exercise along with good eating habits is the only way to pump up your muscles.

Eating adequate amounts of carbohydrates and fats gives you the energy to exercise. Post exercise, carbohydrates are required to restore glycogen levels in the muscles and protein is required to rebuild the cells. This combination of carb-protein can be obtained through healthy snacks.

Banana is the most favored food item after a work-out. Peanut butter sandwich, fresh fruit milkshake, etc also work well.

Get help from a fitness specialist for a good workout that will help you to build more muscle.Your dietitian will be able to guide you with a personalised diet.

Building muscle helps to burn more fat from the body by increasing the metabolic rate. Your body will look more toned and your health will be better with more muscle and less fat.  So, put in your efforts towards better health.

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