Building positive relationships with your employees!

  • 3 months ago
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Building positive relationships with your employees!

Did you know that the relationships managers build with their employees are key in determining employee attitude and commitment? This is important to the company to realise its mission-vision and attain a certain level of productivity.

Here are a few ways to continually build on your employer employee relationships:

• Begin the day by connecting with your team. This sets the tone for the day and sends the message to employees that they are important.
• Avoid favouritism and be consistent with how you manage your employees and treat everyone alike.
• Deal with issues in the workplace before issues get out of hand as its best to solve problems at the earliest opportunity.
• Avoid making decisions that either negatively or positively impacts an employee's status at work solely on the basis of age, gender, race, creed or other arbitrary reasons.
• Respect your employees and remember that supervisory status is not a license to treat your employees unfairly.
• Be open to suggestions and employee feedback, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative.
• Communicate openly and make your expectations clear and understandable.
• Acknowledge strong performers and share concerns with poor performance in private and help them in improving by providing support and guidance.
• Create spontaneity and fun at work as it can re-energize your group of co-workers.
• Walk through co-worker's departments to see what employees are doing, this can create opportunities to communicate optimism, minimize negative behaviour and keep the work on track.

Keep in mind that even small gestures can make a difference and give a higher level of job satisfaction!

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