Are There Any Candies People With Diabetes Can Eat?

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Are There Any Candies People With Diabetes Can Eat?

Diabetes is a metabolic condition in which the body fails to produce adequate insulin. Without a doubt, most diabetics try to avoid sugary foods. But is avoiding sugary foods such as candies completely necessary? Well, read along to find out.

This blog discusses some common myths associated with diabetes, whether or not you can have candy, and some nutrition tips for diabetic people. So, read in full.

Common Myths Associated with Diabetes

It goes without saying that diabetic patients need to watch what they eat. Yet like any other disease, diabetes is coupled with many misconceptions. Diabetic patients, as stated by the American Diabetes Association, can consume sugary food items like chocolates and candies as a part of their healthy diet plan.

Five significant misconceptions associated with diabetes are:

  • Eating carbohydrates can cause diabetes
  • Artificial sweeteners are a wise choice
  • You can't eat cookies, cake, and desserts
  • Avoid eating fruits
  • Have medicines after eating sugary products

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What's the truth behind these myths? Eating sugary products or carbs need not be eliminated completely from the diet. Rather, carbs that have a low glycemic index (GI) work best for diabetic patients.

Therefore, you need not avoid eating fruits, cakes, and your favorite cookies. What actually matters is the food's quality and quantity you are taking in. As long as you have a nutritious diet and do daily workouts, you can cheat a little with food.

Pro Tip: It's recommended to get whatever sweet food you wish to eat approved by your doctor to avoid any serious outcomes.

What Sugary Products can a Diabetic Person Have?

A diabetic patient can consume carbs with a low GL, i.e., glycemic load. GL primarily measures how food products influence your blood glucose levels.

Besides, a combination of high and low GI (Glycemic Index) food products can also keep your blood sugar level in check. While it is critical to carefully select food products, when and how much is required cannot be overlooked.

How Much Sugar is Sufficient for a Diabetic Patient Daily?

Although each diabetic patient has unique requirements, the expert-recommended range is as follows:

On a daily basis, approx. 200gms of carbs (5-10gms of sugar, about 20-40 calories) are enough for both men and women. These should come from low GI foods or combination of foods with low GL.

The following are some of the major perks of having sugar in moderation:

  • Your blood sugar level remains stable.
  • It is preferable to have a little rather than altogether avoid it.
  • You will no longer crave sugar while maintaining your health.

Although diabetes makes it difficult to eat your favourite foods, several desserts and candies are recommended as diabetic products. The following are the top five diabetic desserts:

1. Fruits

What is a better dessert than nature's ready-to-eat sweet dishes? Apart from being a delight on the pallet, they are a boon for your body. Be it a crunchy snack like an apple or a pulpy orange, a regular intake of fruits never fails to satisfy you.

Note: Choosing fruits with a higher GI index, such as mangoes, may cause your blood sugar to rise.

2. Whole Wheat Fruit Salad

If a bowl of mixed fruit doesn't appeal to you, use the fruits as a flavoring in cakes made out of whole wheat or oats. Low in sugar, such cakes can help regulate blood sugar levels when consumed in small servings and provide necessary nutrients. Plain cocoa powder or honey can be used to further improve the sweetness.

3. Dark Chocolate

Contrary to the general belief, chocolates are good for weight loss and heart health if you choose the right one. Low in sugar and high in antioxidants, dark chocolates help lower blood sugar levels. Flavanols in cocoa help increase insulin production in the cells. This makes it a go-to snack for diabetics.

Diet Plan

4. Greek Yogurt-based Desserts

Another thing that can satisfy the sweet desires of a diabetic is desserts made with Greek yogurt. Eat it plain or with a topping of fruits, add some stevia or blend it with milk. It keeps you full and helps reduce body weight with minimum compromise on the taste.

5. Milk-Based Desserts

Milk, the elixir of life, provides several solutions to diabetic cravings for sweetness. It can be used to make protein smoothies which also act as an additional source of proteins and are thus relatively healthy. Milk puddings or kheer are excellent desserts for diabetics. Also, milk helps control blood sugar spikes and aids insulin production.

Besides, many candies have been proven to not harm diabetic patients. Storek Werther's Original Sugar Free Candies, Sugar free D'lite rich cocoa dark chocobar, Nutrishine orange flavored sugar free hard candies, Misteria sugar free candy, Drytra dried amla candy without added sugar, Ticola-the original sugar free mint candy are some expert-recommended candies that will satisfy your tongue while regulating body metabolism.

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Some Amazing Nutrition Tips for Diabetics

Here are some fantastic nutrition tips if you're a diabetic:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to avoid sugary supplements and rely on natural foods for vitamins and minerals.
  • Consume a balanced diet and include only the items your healthcare expert recommends.
  • Try to avoid red meat and other processed meat. Try eggs or fish instead.
  • Along with a balanced diet, exercise regularly and never miss your medications.
  • You can eat some candies only after your doctor approves of them.
  • Never miss your regular health check-ups.


While you need to be disciplined, if you're suffering from diabetes or other serious diseases, you need not necessarily deprive yourself of your daily joy. Being hard on yourself does not always work out. The ultimate key is balance. Therefore, if you're a diabetic, you can eat candy in moderation.

However, before you consume any sugar-rich food items, discuss the same with your doctor. It's because each human is unique and so are their needs. And discussing with your doctor will help you prevent your condition from getting unstable.

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