Are Meditation or Mindfulness Apps Worth It? Can They Help You Relax?

  • 32 months ago
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Are Meditation or Mindfulness Apps Worth It? Can They Help You Relax?

“Begin to use your thoughts rather than allowing your thoughts to use you.”

Meditation is the process of training your mind to redirect your thoughts. It is a way to reduce the destructive effects of stress and learn techniques to relax, whether by imagining a serene scene in your head, indulging in a favorite hobby, or carrying out relaxation exercises.

A person feels powerful when one is able to 'come to senses' because a person who can control their emotions is likely to have a good grasp of their actions too.

According to a study, meditation apps significantly helped to reduce work stress and improved psychological well-being.

Meditation apps: Your virtual guide towards good health

Mindfulness apps guide you through meditations, and they significantly improve your attention span.

The bonus about meditation apps is that they are super affordable and one does not need to spend a huge amount to learn how to be present in the moment.

3 major benefits of using a mindfulness app that you are probably craving right now-


A study conducted by Carnegie Mellon University found that regular use of mindfulness apps helped to cope up in stressful situations. The study showed that usage of meditation app eased cortisol levels, and helped in managing blood pressure.

Emily Lindsay, Ph.D. in psychology at CMU and now postdoctoral at University of Pittsburgh said after conducting the study that "Not only were we able to show that acceptance is a critical part of mindfulness training, but we've demonstrated for the first time that a short, systematic smartphone mindfulness program helps to reduce the impact of stress on the body,"


Meditation apps have plenty of activities to keep the user engaged and circles that they can follow to make sure they don’t miss any new content. The users can take up the on-going challenges and share what they are up to just as one does on any other social media platform.

Another relevant study demonstrated the efficacy of a 2-week smartphone-based mindfulness training for reducing loneliness and social isolation. Participants reported it helped to reduce their daily life loneliness by 22%.

Meditation apps may also act as a temporary break from your hectic life and an escape to indulge in healthy habits with like-minded people.


David Ziegler, director of the Neuroscape research program at the University of California, San Francisco conducted an experiment with his colleagues where he reported improvements in the working memory of young adults.

He also mentioned, “We were surprised and impressed with the size of the effect,”

Nutshell, daily meditation guided by an app did help increase memory and attention span.

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Bottom line

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lifestyle and with social distancing norms in place, most of us are either working remotely or stuck at a place where we don’t want to be. Hence, it is important to take care of our mental health, especially when the situation of everything getting back to normal is uncertain. Meditation apps have proved to be of utmost significance in crucial times like these. At last, consistency and acceptance are major factors that make meditation apps work, so stick to it. Good things take time!

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