Chakra Basics & How To Balance Your Chakra Through Yoga Asana

  • 16 months ago
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Chakra Basics & How To Balance Your Chakra Through Yoga Asana

Chakras or the ‘whirling disk’ or ‘wheel’ are the energy centers in the human body. These are directly associated with the physical, mental and emotional health of a person. Chakras help us to understand the close relationship between our consciousness and our body, or what we call as the mind-body relationship.

The main chakra system consists of seven energy wheels that spin and spread energy in the environment that surrounds the body. Our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes can shrink or even completely block the energy flow of chakra to certain areas of the body.

It depends on the way we look at the obstacles in life and the way we deal with challenges. If even one chakra is too open or too closed they will not allow the energy to flow through them properly.

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If one chakra or organ of the body is unbalanced or not performing optimally, over time it will affect the integrity of the rest of the body resulting in illness. Chakras can be balanced by Chakra Meditation and Yoga Asanas. Let's see how-

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