Home Gym: Choose the Right Home Gym Equipment

  • 24 months ago
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Home Gym: Choose the Right Home Gym Equipment

People aren’t able to achieve consistency in their fitness routine because of the closing and opening of gyms every now and then. And, even if they do open properly, it's not a good idea to rush because there's a risk of COVID-19 & god knows, for how much time. Unfortunately, your muscles are unaware that the pandemic is interfering with your physical movement. This can lead to a loss of progress you have made with them.

So, if you were a gym freak once? Or, just a beginner trying to accomplish fitness goals, why don't you create a home gym of your own?

A home gym with proper equipment can be beneficial as it gives the opportunity to workout whenever one wants.

Home gym equipments might seem expensive but it's a one-time investment and will save a lot of money on monthly gym fees.

Few of the popular gym equipment are:

Elliptical machines - Low impact exercise machines that can provide enough workout for the whole body.

Exercise balls - Unique exercise gears; they can be incorporated in almost any workout regimen. It can make your workout fun and help you achieve your fitness goal.

Mini trampoline - If you want to have fun while exercising, then you should definitely consider purchasing a mini trampoline and get an excellent aerobic workout.

Exercise bike - Provides a great cardio workout in the privacy of the home. You can also purchase exercise bikes that will give the option of applying resistance and increasing the intensity of an exercise.

Push up bars and pull up bars - Are very essential for staying in good physical condition as they provide work out for the arms, chest and back.

Limited budget, oh that's alright

If budget is limited, opt for resistance bands, dumbbells and an exercise ball.

When purchasing equipments, one's likes and dislikes are to be kept in mind. For instance, if you like to run or jog you should definitely consider purchasing a treadmill. It is essential to purchase good equipment as purchasing cheap bad quality equipment can lead to injuries and affect the health.

Try purchasing second hand equipment, especially big ones because there is no point in buying over-priced firsthand equipment if the purpose can be fulfilled the fore stated way . This way you'll be able to save some money. But, please make sure whatever you buy is in the right condition (check warranty and service period).

Home equipment that can be used as an alternative to gym equipment

  • You can use a chair or two as a dip stand alternative
  • A jug full of water is a great substitute of kettle bell.
  • If you have bag of grains at home, use them as weights
  • If you have a basketball or volleyball at home, use them as medicine ball replacement.
  • Load a bag with heavy items and use them as weights
  • Try to make the use of a wall as an exercise tool to get you into the right posture.

Variety matters

Home gym equipment should have variety that would allow a person to workout different parts of the body. Before purchasing, have a basic position plan for your equipment.

Create a lively atmosphere

Place some towels, a water bottle, Bluetooth speaker, etc. to make the environment comfy and lively. Everything you use during your workout should be stocked near you.  Also, consider watching TV, watching fitness, or a motivational video on the Wellness TV to keep your spirits high.

In a nutshell

If you are beginner, you should start with body weight workouts at home, which are absolutely free. Make sure you stay committed to your workout, otherwise it will all go in vain.

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