Combatting wrist pain in an office job

  • 29 months ago
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Combatting wrist pain in an office job

Long working hours at the desk, loads of assignments, and eyes stuck on screen is the new normal. Increased screen time can cause pain in the wrists, knees, and other joints. Poor ergonomics may also lead to serious injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here are a few ways to reduce the wrist pain/discomfort and manage your work ergonomics in a better way-

Get up and move regularly

Take every opportunity to increase your physical movements while working. This will enable motion between your joints and relieve stiffness. Don’t stick at a single place for long hours, get moving. Keep changing positions. Take a small walk in the corridor if you are at your workplace or just walk around for a few minutes at home.

Improve hand mobility

Perform finger and wrists exercises to increase their range of motion and decrease the chances of injury. One of the easiest exercisse is to rotate your palm upwards and downwards (pronation of hand).

Position your hands properly while typing

Ensure that your keyboard should remain on the table sloping gently away from you. Put your keyboard just below elbow level so that you are comfortable placing your hands on it with your elbows somewhat at 90 degrees. Keep your wrists in a neutral position. Use ergonomic keyboard and mouse, if possible.

Wear wrist braces to control movement

A brace or splint can help keep your wrist in a neutral position and also provide relief when experiencing pain, stinging sensation, or uneasiness in the wrist. If you buy one, make sure they fit correctly to get the appropriate support.

Try squishy balls

Squeezing a rubber or stress reliever ball stimulates the nerves that signal the brain to help fade tension and activate the muscles in the hand, and wrist. It increases flexibility and builds strength in your wrist, hand and fingers.

Get medical support if discomfort stretches beyond a week

Regular wrist pain can also be because of broken tendons, ligament tearing, or cysts. The cartilage can wear off due to an injury. Do not ignore repetitive pain and consult a doctor on The Wellness Corner immediately in that case.

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