Common Side Effects After Covid-19 Vaccination and How to Deal With Them

  • 20 Days Ago
Common Side Effects After Covid-19 Vaccination and How to Deal With Them

The increasing number of corona cases pushed the Indian government to permit emergency approval of locally developed Covaxin (Bharat Biotech) and Covishield (Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine) for priority groups.

Since then, millions of people in the country have invested faith in homegrown vaccines and got themselves vaccinated. In fact, India’s Covaxin has shown around an 81% efficacy rate based on tests and trials. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan quoted that the side effects of the vaccines have only been seen in 0.000432 percent of inoculated people.

Also, these Covid-19 side effects were seen more in women than men probably because the number of women healthcare workers exceeds men.

Possible Side Effects After Covid- 19 Vaccination

People may experience short-term discomfort, mild side effects, and a common unpleasant set of events which is pretty okay. It is normal for your body to respond to the jab because it simply means that the vaccine has started working on developing antibodies in your immune system.

Expect the below stated common side effects after the Covid 19 vaccine jab-

#1 Mild Fever

Having a mild fever is the most common side effect noticed in people post-vaccination. The fever can stay from a few hours to a few days and can leave you exhausted.

How to deal?

Take proper rest, wear light clothing, take a bath with lukewarm water, and stay hydrated.

#2 Cold and Shivering

Accompanied by fever, you might feel unwell with constant chills and cold. It might happen if your body is more sensitive to cold.

How to deal?

Do not use too many blankets when experiencing chills. It may block the circulation of natural air and create breathing issues. Try a warm compress but you don’t leave the area wet, make sure you wipe it off and pat it dry.

#3 Pain at The Injected Area

Experiencing some pain at the injected point or nearby area is again a common side that won’t last for a longer period. That is assured. Gradually, it will lessen.

How to deal?

Use natural pain-reducing remedies like cold compress/ice compress. If you are about to take any painkiller, please consult a doctor prior to it.

#4 Headache

Many people have complained about experiencing headaches, which varied from mild to heavy, and generally got cured without any medication. Most of the headaches were reported after the second dose.

How to deal?

Try an oil massage, use a warm compress, take proper sleep, try acupressure, try a workout. If you are someone with a migraine problem, you can consult a doctor or an expert from The Wellness Corner, before taking any painkiller or medicine. Do not commit the mistake of taking medical drugs as per your wish, it is always advised to take medicines based on prescriptions.

#5 Fatigue/Dizziness

You might feel your energy levels have dropped tremendously after the Covid vaccine shot which is very normal. People may also experience nausea but you need not worry about that because it should go away in a few days.

How to deal?

A good sleep, good diet, proper hydration, reduced work hours, avoiding alcohol and excess caffeine can help reduce tiredness.

Can Anyone Have Side Effects/Allergies Immediately Post Vaccination?

Yes, that might happen but in a very rare case. Beneficiaries are advised not to leave the session site post-vaccination. A watch time of 30 minutes is kept to make sure if anyone develops anaphylaxis. In such rare cases, AEFI (Adverse events following immunization) management centers are already in place near covid vaccination centers.

What If There Are No Side Effects?

Some people were also surprised that they didn’t get any side effects, which is normal too. In the end, it all depends on your immune system.

Also, the reactions and side effects may vary from vaccine to vaccine.

Summing it up…

Covid-19 vaccines, like any other vaccine, can have side effects after getting the dosage. The risks of any major occurrence have not been noticed yet so you need not worry about the overly stated stories on social media. These vaccines are for your safety and to protect you from these deadly diseases. By doing so, you are not only protecting yourself but also the people around you. The government is also planning on providing the vaccination facility for people of age 24- 45 as they go out of house for work and could turn out to be super spreaders. For now, if you are eligible, go get yourself vaccinated.