Cotton, a Perfect Fabric For Summer!

  • 91 Months ago
Cotton, a Perfect Fabric For Summer!

Soaring summer heat makes one feel uncomfortable in any clothing except cotton. India being the second largest producer of cotton in the world, this natural fabric comes as a survivor to keep us cool in summers. Cotton is one the best fabrics for hot weather. Not only is it cheap, soft, lightweight, breathable and hugely available, but it is also great for the heat.

Cotton clothing has a lot of benefits over synthetic ones. Cotton is a good absorber of water. As we sweat a lot in summers, it absorbs sweat from our body and exposes the sweat to the atmosphere, making its evaporation faster. During this evaporation, particles on the surface of the sweat gain energy from our body surface, making the body cool.

Cotton fibers stay away from skin and provide a perfect thermal insulation in summer. It has good moisture control properties and is best suited even during exercise, keeping away moisture from building up between skin and clothing.

Cotton is a long lasting fabric. The International Forum for Cotton states that cotton has high tensile strength and durability. It can endure high temperature, is easy to wash and maintain. It is 30% stronger when wet and can withstand many washes.

Another major highlight that attracts people is that it is hypo allergic and dust mite resistant. It is supposed to be the best for people with asthma, skin allergies, skin irritations and infections.

It is also interesting to know that cotton is the preferred choice for fire fighter uniforms as well, as it can be coated with flame retarders.

Linen is also a good fabric for summers but cotton is the most comfortable, preferred and the best fabric for summers as it is cost effective and has low maintenance cost than linen. So, keep yourself cool with your favorite cotton clothes, sunglasses, and a scarf or a hat, and beat this heat!