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Cough Cough! Is TB next in line???

Cough Cough! Is TB next in line???

Do you come across this infectious disease tuberculosis (TB) or Koch's and wonder what it is all about? TB is a bacterial infection; caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis. Does it still sound complex? Okay let me give you a simple outline of this contagious disease...

Causes - The tiny droplets of saliva produced by a TB infected individual while coughing, sneezing or talking could contain the bacteria that spread TB. As mentioned earlier, TB is a bacterial infection! People with low immunity have higher chances of getting infected!

Symptoms - The bacterium remains dormant in the initial stages and the infected person shows symptoms over a period of time. Symptoms include loss of weight, loss of energy, poor appetite, fever, productive cough and night sweats.

Diagnosis - A chest X-ray helps diagnose the disease. A tuberculin skin test is done to identify TB in people who do not show up any symptoms. People with productive cough undergo sputum test for early diagnosis.

Treatment - Multiple drugs are given to treat TB based on the laboratory results.

Prevention - If diagnosed in the initial stages where the infection is not causing any harm to the host, INH drugs are given for a year to prevent sickness. BCG vaccine is given for children as a precaution.

A person infected with TB can lead a normal life provided he is regular with his medications. Remember...Ignorance may cost your life....

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