COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Busted

  • 24 months ago
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COVID-19 Vaccine Myths Busted

As the vaccination program of COVID-19 is going on, misinformation with regards to the vaccine is also spreading. India is continuously facing the rise in cases as the mutated version of viruses is being transmitted around. At present, there are two key problems i.e. shortage of vaccines and skepticism among people concerning the vaccine. The myths in public against vaccines are being fueled which is leading to reluctance to get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 Vaccine: Myths vs. Facts

Our experts and health professionals have narrowed down those myths to clarify the facts for preventing the spread of misinformation. Find some of the COVID vaccine myths that have been busted:

Myth: The vaccine is not safe as it was developed immediately without appropriate testing

Fact: The organizations have not neglected any sort of international or national safety guidelines. The companies have invested plenty of resources to manufacture the vaccines as per scientific guidelines. Each vaccine available in the market has undertaken development and testing safety protocol before getting the nod regulator.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine can reconstruct the DNA

Fact: The COVID-19 vaccines that were granted emergency use authorization initially consisted  of mRNA (messenger RNA) These vaccines develop an immune response through building antibodies - preparing your body to combat coronavirus attacks in the future. Therefore, mRNA doesn't affect the cell nucleus, a place where DNA is found. Additionally, once the instruction of building antibodies is done, mRNA is flushed by your body.

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Myth: If you have already recovered from a COVID-19 infection, you don't need to be vaccinated.

Facts: Most health experts, scientists, and authorities recommended that even people who have been infected from COVID-19 infection, should get vaccinated. Although, your doctor might suggest waiting for at least 90 days after recovery. Consult your doctor for personal suggestions before making any decision related to it as we don't know how long your immunity system can provide protection to your body against the coronavirus.

Myth: COVID-19 vaccine can lead to severe health side effects

Fact: The report of major side effects is not very common. Though minor side effects are anticipated such as a sore arm at the place of injection, moderate illness, headaches, muscle pain, etc. Mostly the discomfort often remains for a maximum of 2 days.

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Myth: COVID-19 vaccine can lead to infertility in women

Fact: The misconception on social media says that the COVID vaccines attack syncytin-1 protein located in the placenta that could cause infertility in women. The fact is the placental protein and spike protein share an interlink of amino acid sequence. But, the experts state that the series is too short to activate an immune response causing infertility in women.

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Myth: The vaccine doesn't work on the mutated coronavirus

Fact: The new virus strains are getting transmitted more easily according to the data, causing quick illness conditions among people. Virus mutation is common and is not new. Though, the ineffectiveness of vaccines on new strains is unknown. But experts suggest getting vaccinated for better protection against the virus.

Myth: People who have comorbidities like heart disease, diabetes, etc. can't take the vaccine

Fact: A person with comorbidities should get the vaccine dose quickly as due to their health conditions, as the virus can cause serious health issues. Although, it is advised to consult your doctor before getting the vaccine jab.

Myth: The COVID-19 vaccine consists of a tracking device

Fact: The posts and videos shared on social media are creating fake claims that the government is jabbing tracking devices among people through vaccines. Such claims have no scientific relevance and are not true.


Getting the vaccination as soon as possible is essential to keep yourself and your loved one protected from the deadly coronavirus. Consult with a verified doctor virtually with The Wellness Corner for an individual recommendation if you have any sort of comorbidities. If you're recovering from COVID-19, get a personalized meal plan from our expert dietitian for quicker healing. Don't push yourself too hard, time will heal everything.

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