Dad's Ways Of soothing The Baby

  • 108 Months ago
Dad's Ways Of soothing The Baby

Sometimes babies cry even when they have been fed, have clean diapers and are healthy. If your baby is crying because she needs comfort, there are many things you can do. Every baby is different and their needs vary too.

Here are things you can try to find out what calms your baby down.

  1. Swing- Kids love movement. So, place your kid in your arms and swing them while moving or sitting in a chair to comfort them. Keep changing their positions.
  2. Provide warmth- Keeping your baby between the warmth of your body, the rhythmic beating of your heart, the rise and fall of your breathing and the gentle swaying motion can make your kid sleep in just a few minutes.
  3. Play music - Fine tune to some soothing music while it's time to sleep and the kid gets habituated to it. A majority of the kids like to keep listening to music during their various activities while eating, bathing etc.
  4. Sing a song - Sometimes, it can be embarrassing when you have to sing a song to soothe your baby. So try singing a soft song or make soft noises to make your kid aware that you care for them.
  5. Massage your kid - Kids love to be touched, so massage your kid softly and gently to bring comfort. This will help if they have any pains or discomfort.
  6. Give a pacifier - Even when they are not hungry, some kids like to suck or chew on something. Do not stop. Give your kid a pacifier like a teething ring.
  7. Understand your baby's needs - Playing music and comforting them might sometimes not stop their cry. Try to understand the reason and get help from family or friends to understand the reason behind it. If necessary, consult with a pediatrician to find out the reason.

Relax yourself! Try to stay close, make eye contact often and use your voice to let your kid know you are present and that you will stay with them around.