Read These 3 Tips Before Planning Your Indian Diabetic Diet Plan

  • 134 Months ago
Read These 3 Tips Before Planning Your Indian Diabetic Diet Plan

Focusing on a healthy diet is a big mandate for everyone but if you are diabetic, you need to take extra care of yourselves. A diabetic person can not afford to miss on their daily doses of physical and nutritional activities, it is that important. The body doesn’t adapt easily to weight gains or sudden loses.

A lot of people complain about inability to lose weight after diabetes which is a myth that needs to be busted. That is where a diabetic plan comes into play.

A diabetic diet plan for an individual is based on the height, weight, age, sex, physical activity and the nature of diabetes. There are risks attached to what you consume, while you may not be aware, you might be feasting on the wrong food.

Save yourself from the trouble. Here’s a comprehensive list of what is best and what you need to exclude (okay! At Least try to) from your diabetic diet.

#1 Diabetic Foods That’ll Give You Wings!

If you think you’ll have to compromise on your favorite cuisines, don’t worry, you won’t really have to. But you might have to consider minimizing the portions.

Stick to a healthy diabetic diet plan. Let a large part of your diabetic diet comprise these foods!!!

1. Complex cereals

● Whole wheat
● Bajra
● Jowar
● Ragi
● Wheat bran
● Brown rice
● Rice bran
● Barley

2. Dals and pulses

● Moong dal
● Tur dal
● Rajma

3. Vegetables

● Cabbage
● Brinjal
● Cluster beans
● Spinach
● Methi etc

4. Low fat dairy products

● Milk
● Curd
● Paneer
● Buttermilk

5. Fruits

● Papaya
● Musambi
● Guava etc

#2 List of Food to Limit in Your Diabetic Diet Plan

There is a danger sign ahead-So limit these foods (Indulge in these foods in moderation)

1. Fruits

● Chikoo
● Custard apple
● Grapes
● Mango

2. Vegetables

● Potatoes
● Yam
● Purple yam
● Sweet potato

3. Biscuits

● Digestive
● Marie

4. Restrict the intake of fat

● To 2-4 teaspoons per day.

#3 List of Food to Avoid in Your Diabetic Diet Plan

Say a big no to these foods- Like strictly!!!

1. Sugar

● Refined sugar
● Honey
● Jaggery
● Jam
● Jellies

2. Deep fried foods

● Wafers
● Samosas
● Farsan etc

3. Sweets

● Peda
● Barfi
● Chocolates
● Puddings
● Pies
● Ice-creams
● Biscuits made with refined flour
● High sugar and cream content

4. Drinks
● Aerated drinks
● Preserved/canned fruit
● Fruit squash and alcohol

One Day Sample Menu



6.30 am- Methi water ( 1 glass) + almonds   (4 no) and walnuts (3 no.)

8.30 am - Oats cheela ( 2 no.) + mint coriander chutney

11.00 am - Apple ( 1 no.)

1.30 pm- Mixed vegetable ( 1 large bowl) + mix dal ( 1 bowl) + bhindi   vegetable ( 1 small bowl ) + cucumber raita ( 1 small bowl ) + multigrain   roti ( 2 no.)

4.30 pm - Tea without sugar (1 cup) + roasted Chana ( 1 small bowl)

6.30 pm - Dal Soup (1 soup bowl )

7.30 pm - Millet Khichri (1 large bowl) + Mint Raita (1 small bowl)

10 pm - Milk (1 medium glass)

Words of Caution

Diabetics are two to four times as likely to have a heart attack or stroke as is someone without diabetes.

Stay Motivated

Diabetes comes with challenges especially when making changes in your eating habits. But once you start with these changes, small ones initially, you’ll feel the difference. Your will power depends on how you manage to control your cravings. Eating well makes your body happy and when your body is happy, so will be your mind. It all goes in a circle. So, focus on what’s good for you and let go of what deteriorates it.