Here is What You Should Look for in A Diet & Nutrition Tracking App in 2023

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Here is What You Should Look for in A Diet & Nutrition Tracking App in 2023

Even the healthiest people on the planet would need a dietitian or nutritionist. Imagine why? Do you really think, what you think is healthy for you is actually HEALTHY? A lot of times things may  not turn out to be as beneficial as it should have been.

Alas! Such a disappointment that would be to realize it at a later stage. And we are not saying what you read on the internet or the diet you planned is wrong but how do you know it would work in your favour? The reliability of what you think, you know is questionable!

There are a plethora of things one needs to consider before stepping towards any diet or nutrition plan.


The wellness corner app is more like a personal nutritionist or a dietitian! It comprises each and every aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It acts as a mirror to your actions and shows you the most realistic insights about your health & wellbeing.  

It syncs your personal and fitness goals with your diet and throws you with challenges to increase your daily motivation. People often set a goal in their head but lack determination  which is a key to success of any goal and what better than an app to pin point everything that you need to make your health better. Every step will be a reminder of your healthy achievements, which will further give you a push to achieve more.

One App, Multiple Benefits

Calorie Tracker App

It is hard to keep a track and count your calorie intake, especially when you haven’t formed a habit yet. And that is why The Wellness Corner is going to do the calorie math for you. Based on a short assessment, the app will suggest your target calorie intake, target calorie burnout, target macronutrients such as protein, carbs, & fat requirements

Step Tracker App

The Wellness Corner will track your steps according to your goal. The great part about this feature is that it lets you connect with the top health apps such as Apple Health, Fitbit, Samsung Health, Google fit, and Misfit. With the help of this integration, the app will automatically extract relevant data to provide you with wellness insights.

Nutrition Calculator App (Macronutrient breakdown)

The app includes a comprehensive database of a variety of foods across different cuisines. As per your meal intake, we will calculate the calories, protein, fat and carbs accordingly.

This way you will get to know whether your intake was too high or low and if you need to exercise in order to shed those extra calories. You can also analyze your macronutrient intake. If you are trying to gain muscle, you can look at how much protein you are consuming on a daily basis or if you are trying to lose weight, you can look at keeping your carb & fat intake in check.

Diet Guidance App

By accurately analysing statistics about your nutrition intake, it suggests you with recommendations to make your diet even better. It will guide you to take the right steps to achieve the goals according to the information you provide like height, weight, age etc. For example - Recommendations for a pregnant and lactating woman would be formulated accordingly taking the sensitivities into consideration.

Wellness Corner with Nutritional Plans

The app provides Nutritional Coaching Plans that will help you evaluate your dietary habits and make adjustments to your diet that will align with your health goals. It includes diet analysis and meal plans.

Weight Loss Plans

No wonder why this app is gaining popularity so swiftly. The app provides personal diet plans which inculcates weight loss too. The user can clearly explain challenges and get proper guidance with one to one video calls.

Diabetes Care Plans

People with diabetes have to be extra careful and need assistance to stay healthy. Keeping in touch with experts can improve the sugar levels and their planning can create a difference in your healthy eating habits, thus affecting your overall well being in a better way. They know the in and out of everything that you might not.

Challenges in App to Uplift Your Spirits

Users can browse and participate in all the ongoing challenges in their circles. You can see what other people are up to and follow the ongoing nutritional challenges. Each challenge that you participate will be a healthy step to enhance your fitness and diet.

Diet App That Provides Regular Nutritional Recipes

The Wellness Corner never misses a chance to treat its user with yummy nutritional and healthy recipes. At the end, that is what an individual needs, getting healthy without compromising on the taste buds. There are a variety of healthy recipes for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians.

App with Personal Health Coaches & Nutrition Experts

Certified nutritional experts and dietitians will be there to guide you at every step in your journey. Proper follow-ups and phone consultations will help you see results quicker than usual.

Consult with a Dietitian Online

The cherry on the top is …

Ability to Save Foods as Favorites

There are certain things in our diet that we consume on a daily basis. Giving the same input to the app would become time consuming and monotonous. The Wellness corner app provides you the ability to save your daily meals in order to track them easily. For instance- if you eat oats daily as a part of your breakfast, you can save it as a meal and track it daily with just 1-tap!

Every individual is different, everybody type is different. What would work for one may not resonate with others. Risking your health based on your own assumptions of “good health” is just not the right thing to do. It is advised to stay under the surveillance of nutritionists and dietitians for best results, or at least stay connected with a platform where nothing stays out of your circle.

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