Different Ways Your Toddler Says "I Love You"

  • 26 months ago
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Different Ways Your Toddler Says "I Love You"

Your little one feels safe and secure when she knows you are around. Toddlers express their happiness whenever they discover something new and yes it`s their way of expressing love and trust! She shows her love for you in a variety of ways. Read on to discover different ways your toddler says "I love you"...

• Never lose your cool when your little one dawdles and takes her sweet time when you are taking her out with you. Because, she still hasn`t developed sense of time. For her, spending time with you, showing you every tiny little thing that crawls on the road is bliss. She loves you and loves savoring time with you. Enjoy her small yet big discoveries!

• Do you enjoy playing run-and-chase game with your little toddler? It may only be a game for you but for your child, it is her way of saying I love you! It is about her immense trust on you that you will always be behind her to support and help her out whenever she ventures out!

• Does your little princess carry her favorite goodie doll with her wherever she goes? These transitional objects (loveys) are a representation of you and your love and also her love for you especially in your absence.

• Doesn`t he look his best when he has mashed food all over his face, comes running towards you with a big smile and pride on his face to show you what he discovered in his food bowl? He is just sharing what he found while eating with his loved one and that is you! Enjoy the mess with food.

• It is not the tantrums that she throws or the big NO that she tells when you ask her to do something...It is the hug and snuggle after all the tantrum that can make your day if you understand that you are giving her great comfort. It is also her confidence that you are always there to comfort when she is just in need of it!

• Doesn`t he welcome you home with a loud shriek and scream when you are back home after sneaking out to office in the morning? Give him a big hug for doing that. You are building trust that adults will always return in their lives!

• Are you surprised to see your little one offer you his half licked chocolate which he usually doesn`t offer anyone else? Accept it with all joy because he is sharing his happiness with you. He thinks his prized possession gives you equal happiness just like how it makes him happy. He is sacrificing what he loves and is being selfless.

• Do your little one scribble crayons and colors on a paper or on the wall and hands it over to you or call you to see her art? It is her expression of love that she is offering you that she has made just for you! You were in her mind when she did that and shows how much she thinks of you. Accept the special gift from her.

• Does your little boy like reading/listening to the same story every night? It is quite common among toddlers to develop routines because it gives him a sense of security and reassurance. You are a part of his routine and he loves to get back to his routine every night after his adventurous day.

Your toddler may not say "I love you" every time but he loves you in his own sweet way. Your little one looks up to you for love and trust. Watch your actions and love his actions!

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