Do You Fear to Share Your Opinion At Work?

  • 16 months ago
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Do You Fear to Share Your Opinion At Work?

It might be scary at times to express your opinion, especially at the workplace. A controversial or challenging opinion might put you in a negative position among colleagues as well as in the eyes of your employer. Sharing opinion at the wrong time might prove foolish. You should learn the art of how to voice your opinion without causing any damage to your reputation.

Transparent communication at the right time is very important for a healthy work culture. How you express your opinions reflect your character as well as your capabilities as a team member or as an individual. On many occasions, you might be misinterpreted because you don’t communicate what is on your mind. You need to maintain a balance between when to speak and when not to speak. You should never be in the constant fear of being judged, nor should you speak too much.

7 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Opinion

1] To maintain organizational performance

To enhance your performance at your workplace, you need to voice your opinion. Otherwise, your performance will become stagnant and you will lack leadership qualities. When you speak up your mind, there is scope for feedback. When you share your opinion, you can get inputs from others, which will help evaluate your plan of action.

2] To expand your influence

If you aspire to become a leader, you must voice your opinion with confidence. Only a strong and consistent voice is asked to lead a project or a team. If your opinion is clear and you are capable of influencing others, you might even get a chance to connect with other people of influence.

3] To speed up your career

If you have mastered the art of speaking your mind by maintaining a balance, no one can stop you from accelerating your career. As your career accelerates, so should your opinion. Many people can’t go forward because they don’t have the courage of sharing an opinion.

4] To realize mistakes and course-correct

It is very important that you identify your mistakes. Otherwise, you will never grow as a person or as a leader. You might be unsure of your opinion or you might also feel that your opinion is not grounded. But unless you communicate what’s in your mind, your doubts will never be cleared. When you communicate, you might go through a learning experience.

5] To build confidence

When you voice your opinion without any fear, you come across as more confident, whether it is an interview or a meeting. If you are brave enough to express your point of view even if it contradicts others’ views, you will be recognized as a confident person. It will give you an edge over other colleagues.

6] To command respect

When people at your workplace identify you as a self-assured person, your respect at the workplace increases. But when you are sharing your opinion, you should also take responsibility for your words. Do follow up your words with suitable actions, to not lose credibility.

7] To overcome the fear of judgement

Sometimes you hesitate to voice your opinion out of the fear of being misjudged. You should know that everything becomes a past, even your humiliation. Therefore, you need to share your opinion to force yourself out of the fear of being misjudged.

You spend a lot of your precious time in your workplace. Therefore, you must communicate with your colleagues and boss without fear. However, make sure you are confident enough to take responsibility for what you are sharing.

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