Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

  • 93 months ago
Do you suffer from excessive sweating?

Sweating is upsetting; it stains clothes, complicates social and business interactions and causes embarrassment to many. Hyperhydrosis is excessive sweating that occurs even when the temperature is normal and when one is not exercising. This usually affects hands, feet, underarms and sometimes, even the face.

In Hyperhydrosis, the nerves that are responsible for triggering sweat glands become overactive and this leads to more perspiration even when it's not needed. This problem worsens when one is under stress or is nervous. Hyperhydrosis that occurs in the palms and soles may have a genetic component.

If one has excessive sweating all over the body, it may be caused by another health factor, such as:

• Heart attack
• Menopause - hot flashes
• Low blood sugar
• An overactive thyroid gland
• Certain types of cancer
• Infectious diseases
• Certain medications

Here are a few suggestions that may help to reduce sweating and associated body odour:

• Bathe daily to keep the bacteria on your skin in check
• Dry your feet thoroughly after you bathe and use over the counter foot powders to help absorb sweat
• Opt for shoes and socks made of natural materials that can help prevent sweaty feet
• Change your socks often
• Rotate your shoes and let it dry overnight
• Choose natural-fibre clothing such as cotton, wool and silk which allow your skin to breathe

Contact your doctor if:

• Sweating interrupts your daily routine
• You suddenly begin to sweat often
• You tend to sweat at night for no obvious reason

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