Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker?

  • 12 months ago
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Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Back Thicker?

How many of you have tried to shave off your head or your child's head with the hope of getting back thicker hair? Or perhaps you've heard repeatedly that if you shave instead of waxing, your hair would grow thicker?

Jeez! Whoever told you so is absolutely wrong.

There is a good probability that they also heard about it from someone. Rumors spread so quickly! And, if you are someone who would say "Damn yes shaving does make the hair grow thicker, I've experienced it myself." You deserve to know the truth. So, read along.

Could You Please Forward This Fact To Everyone?

Shaving doesn't alter the thickness, colour, or growth pattern of hair. When body or facial hair is shaved, the hair's tip becomes blunt. The tip may first feel rough and the hair may be more evident at this point which makes it seem darker or thicker.

FYI, Here's The Biological Explanation

The thickness and length of hair on your body is mostly determined by genetics and hormones. To some extent, nutrition also plays a role in hair health.  The size and shape of your hair follicles which allow your hair to be thick or thin or medium are inherited. Shaving does not change the follicles, and therefore cannot make the hair grow back thicker!

Don't Be A Victim

In our country, many people offer their hair at temples due to religious beliefs or to fulfil vows.  But there are many who shave their heads thinking that the hair will grow back thicker.  Sometimes, innocent children are victims of this belief.

Following A Healthy Diet May Help

Your hair may occasionally appear thinner due to hair loss because of insufficient volume. Instead of concentrating on hair thickness, you should focus on hair growth.

According to studies, nutrient deficiencies linked with biotin, riboflavin, iron, and vitamins B12 and D, may be a critical factor contributing to hair loss.

Consider making relevant changes in your diet for effective results.

Diet Plan

Whatever type of hair you have, carry it confidently instead of trying out various methods to change it.

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