9 Things You Shouldn't be Doing After Having a Meal

  • 6 months ago
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9 Things You Shouldn't be Doing After Having a Meal

There are several factors which affect your health. Some you cannot control, such as your genetic make-up. But what you can change and control is your lifestyle. Many of us indulge in habits that are not at all healthy after consumption of food. Like eating certain foods after meals may cause some reaction within your body, which further interfere with your digestion.

Most of us are not aware of common myths and facts after a meal. Let's explore those.

Myth: Smoking before or after meals is ok!

Fact: No! Smoking immediately after a meal can interfere with the absorption of the nutrients. And as the rate of absorption is higher after meal carcinogen and tar will be absorbed more by the body, so one should avoid smoking before and after a meal.

Myth: Drinking tea or coffee does not affect absorption of nutrients!

Fact: No! Drinking tea or coffee should be avoided as it would interfere with the absorption of iron as well as with the digestion of proteins, so there has to be a gap of at least 2 hours between consumption of tea/coffee.

Myth: Eating fruits with meals does not cause any gastric discomfort!

Fact: No! Eating fruits is altogether a good practice, but one should avoid doing it immediately after the meals as this will cause the stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore take fruit 1hr after or 1hr before meals.

Myth: Drinking water with or after meals does not affect digestion!

Fact: No! One should avoid gulping down a lot of water during or after meals as water thins out your digestive juices and which in terms affects the breakdown of your food, so if you feel the urge of drinking water you can drink it sip by sip.

Myth: Taking bathe after meals do not affect your bodies normal functioning!

Fact: No! Many people develop a habit of taking bathe usually after breakfast and dinner. This increases the body's temperature and pulls most of the blood to the surface of your skin, and to your extremities. Thus, the blood flow to the stomach will decrease and affect the digestion process.

Myth: Exercise is a good practice after a meal!

Fact: No! Avoid doing an intensive workout right after your meals, as it hinders with the function of the digestive system due to which one could experience nausea, or cramps.

Myth: One can sleep after having a meal!

Fact: No! Sleeping soon after a meal will affect the digestion of food, which in turn leads to gastric and digestive problems.

Myth: Stress does not lead to any digestion issues!

Fact: No! Getting angry or stressed after your meal makes your central nervous system shuts down the blood supply to the digestive system, which in term will affect the contractions of your digestive muscles, and decreases secretions needed for digestion, which may further results in indigestion, nausea or constipation.

Myth: Posture has no role to play with digestion!

Fact: No! Avoid slouching while you are sitting or standing after your meals and try to hold yourself upright. Because when you slouch, your internal organs get scrunched up impeding your digestion. So in order to improve digestion after a meal sits in Vajrasana.

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