The Flair of Forgiveness

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The Flair of Forgiveness

To err is human, to forgive divine — Alexander Pope

Alexander Pope’s words accentuate the value of forgiveness in one’s life. Life is a book of experience, where the ending of some chapters is necessary to start new ones, which we can look forward to.

One may experience grief, suffering, resentment, anger, and trauma in their life. But through such experience, we can master the art of letting go of the past and mend ourselves for a better and optimistic future.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is defined as a conscious and purposive effort to release the feeling of vengeance or resentment towards a person or a group of people who hurt you. It also includes self-forgiveness. It is the act of letting go of your negative feelings for yourself and others, whether or not they deserve your forgiveness.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting or condoning the gravity of the offense against you. It means letting emotional closure give way to peace of mind. It helps us concede the pain that we suffered and helps us heal and move on in life.

Does forgiveness foster healing?

Unresolved conflicts and long-term resentment tend to bring out adverse impacts on one’s mental and physical health. The act of forgiveness can have huge implications for your health, lowering the risk of heart attack, balancing cholesterol levels and sleep, and reducing blood pressure, anxiety, stress, and depression.

In each aspect of life, it is essential to see it from the perspective of others. Attempt to understand what led them to a behavior that harmed you. The approach allows you to cultivate the quality of empathy, manage anger, and forge secure and worthy relationships.

Forgive others to better yourselves

Acceptance, release, and trust are the three factors that help us let go of the clutter that holds us back and move forward to a better tomorrow.

Understand and accept your situation, release the pent-up feelings by forgiving others, and build another day with trust. Try not to dwell on injustice and vengeance, and do not hold grudges as they curb and destroy the mental peace and contribute to negativity in life.

Steps to Forgiveness and Well-being

Cultivate the art of forgiveness with time by following some simple steps:

1] Be conscious of the pain

It is vital to admit that you are hurt to work through the intensified feelings of pain. Feeling of resentment, sad thoughts, and tears are indicators of wrongness. Never numb yourselves to the emotion you are feeling.

2] Ponder upon things

Try to express the emotions that you feel in a book or share it with your trusted friend. It will help in overcoming the situation.

3] Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

Try to understand the point of view of the person who hurt you. Think about why they might have done that.

4] Realize why forgiveness is important

Understand that forgiveness is about the goodness one bestows to others, even if they don’t deserve it. It helps to attain a sense of inner peace and safety.

5] Develop empathy

Nurture empathy for others by reflecting upon the anguish they carry, which may include physical frailties and psychological issues. Ultimately, we realize that we share a common humanity.

6] Maintain good feelings

Always carry goodwill for the person who hurt you. It is a crucial step towards emotional closure.

7] Find meaning in your suffering

It is essential to acknowledge what one has endured and see how it has changed you into a positive and better person. Suffering may be a way to cope with a situation and evolve into a finer version of oneself.

8] Learn to forgive yourself

Self-forgiveness is vital. Even if you are a person of imperfection, honor yourself. Try to love yourself despite your actions.

Final Thoughts

Today’s world is full of chaos and uncertainty. Letting go of negativity is, therefore, necessary to grow every day. Forgiveness is an important quality in the 21st century and everyone should own it.

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