Enhance Your External Beauty

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Enhance Your External Beauty

It is said that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder'. Your comment.

Rekha Hande - Of course it does! What appears beautiful for one person need not necessarily look beautiful to another. Beauty doesn't have defined rules. Different races have different features which are appealing in their own way. Beauty also comes from within - positive attitude, feeling of wellbeing, freshness, etc - and is not just external.

WT - What is the basic beauty routine that one has to maintain everyday? Should a person splurge on a cleanser and toner?

RH - Basic beauty routine of CTM - cleansing, toning, moisturizing is a must. Sunscreen, an umbrella for your skin, has now been added to this list (CTMS) to prevent ultraviolet harm. Using a sunscreen prevents early pigmentation, tanning and premature wrinkling.

Look for your skin type when you choose a cleanser and toner. Skin types can be classified into normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin. Some cleansers and toners are found in your kitchen - besan with milk and rose water, orange juice (for pigmentation), oats with papaya, etc.

WT - Is it necessary to thread eyebrows or will plucking do?

RH - Threading gives a clean and well defined look to your eyebrows. It also gives your eyebrows a good shape. After shaping them, plucking can be used for maintenance. Eyebrows frame your face and are an important feature of your appearance. Speak to your beautician to find out what suits you the best. Also when your eyebrows are being threaded, watch the mirror to see what you are comfortable with.

WT - Will steaming the face removes whiteheads / blackheads, or is exfoliation required?

RH - Steaming your face opens skin pores, softens the whiteheads / blackheads, and makes it is easy to remove them. Regular exfoliation prevents whiteheads / blackheads, and also removes the dead layer of the skin.

WT - What are the benefits of pedicure and manicure? How often can a person go thru these treatments?

RH - Pedicure and manicure help to remove dead skin, shape your nails, remove calluses, improve circulation to the extremities because of the massage of pressure points, and keep cuticles clean and neat.

The frequency of this treatment is a personal choice but once a month would be good. There are a number of varieties of pedicure and manicure - normal, aroma, peppermint (for summer), floral, anti-pollution, etc.

WT - Some parlours use poor quality henna or hair color which can lead to skin problems. How can we make sure that a parlour uses good quality henna or hair color?

RH - Go to a reputed parlour or a beauty salon which uses branded and good quality products. Don't take chances with poor quality products. Check the labels, the color tubes and expiry date. Make sure that the color and developer is mixed in front of you. Some parlours permit you to take your own hair colors.

WT - Are wax strips that are available off the shelf, effective? Is it true that Indian women shy away from shaving their arms, under arms and legs?

RH - Yes, the wax strips in the market are effective.

Women, the world over, prefer to wax but shaving is used more for convenience and a quick result. Growth is much slower after waxing. Your skin is smoother and you have no shaving cuts when you wax. Waxing removes dead skin layer and tan.

WT - How often should a person get a facial done?

RH - Every 21 days a new layer of skin surfaces. It is best to pamper the new skin and nourish it with antioxidants and vitamins that are present in the premium skin products. Try to have a facial at least once a month depending on your skin type. Go for a consultation with an expert beautician to get the best advice for your skin type.

WT - What is the best foundation for Indian skin?

RH - There are 2 varieties of foundation. One is water-based, which is light and easy on the skin, spreads evenly, and is best suited for oily skin. The other variety is cream-based which is used to hide blemishes, pigmentation, for a concealing effect, for television appearance, modeling, etc. A foundation application should blend with your skin. For Indian weather, water-based is more suitable. Cream-based foundation is usually used in the evening and water-based foundation is used in the morning. Also dust a transparent powder on top to settle the foundation. Concealers can be used for blemishes, to hide dark circles, to camouflage cuts, bruises, etc. When it is blended well with your skin color it gives a flawless and a smooth skin tone.

WT - Is there a difference between day make-up and night make-up?

RH - Yes. Day make-up is usually light and minimal with light-colored lipstick, light eye make-up, etc. At night you can play with colors. You can make it dramatic or give it a metallic look. Night make-up is heavier to suit your dress and the occasion.

WT - What should a person look for while buying a lipstick? Are lip gloss and lip liner also needed?

RH - Choose a lipstick color that suits you and also matches with your predominant wardrobe colors. Lipsticks come in different types like glossy, matt finish, long wear, water-proof, etc. The lipstick that you choose should depend on the requirement - office wear, college wear, party wear, and so on.

Lip liner gives a defined look to your lips. Only gloss and liner also can work without a lipstick. Gloss adds shine and gives your lips a moist look. By itself gloss gives a younger look especially in the daytime.

WT - Nail extension and nail art has caught the fancy of young women in India. How long do they last on the original nails?

RH - Durability depends on how often you wash your hands and how well you take care of them. The more contact you have with water, the faster these things wear off. Nail extensions need to be redone according to wear and tear.

WT - Hair accessories like colored hair extensions are often used by youngsters. How expensive are they?

RH - Permanent ones are expensive, but the clip-on ones are cheaper and easy to use. Hair clips, hair bands come in fancy designs, colors and fabric to match your outfit. Head scarves can also be used.

WT - How does one choose an eye-liner and mascara? Is an eye-liner pencil better or the liquid?

RH - Eye-liner and mascara are personal preferences. Liquid eye-liner gives a well defined look. Eye-liners are available as liquid, cake liner, water proof liners, and in different colors. Kajal and eye pencil can also be used which come in different colors.

WT - Should blush-ons and eye-shadows be the same color?

RH - Not necessarily. They can be in different colors that suit the individual. A bronzer can also be used for Indian skin. It gives a transluscent and healthy flush to skin.

WT - How do highlighters and shimmer lotions help?

RH - Highlighters are used to highlight prominent features of your face. They are predominantly used in the evening and in photographic make up. Shimmer lotions are also used with evening wear and for parties. Shimmer can be applied on the face and on your body when you wear a halter neck blouse or off-shoulder dresses or tube tops.

WT - Can you give dress suggestions to make a person look slimmer?

RH - Darker colored clothes conceal and lighter colors highlight the figure. Vertical stripes and darker colors are better suited for a person who needs to look slimmer. Avoid big prints and tight-fitting clothes. Your clothes should have a good cut, be well-tailored and fit well. It's also good to avoid oversized clothes, layers of clothes, jackets, gathers, etc, if they make you look bulkier. Keep your clothes simple and elegant. Enhance the flattering parts of your body and don't draw attention to the heavier parts. Heels add height and give you poise while you walk.

WT - Please suggest some make-up tips to hide blemishes on the face.

RH - After moisturizing go for a concealer which blends with your skin tone. Use foundation to match your skin color, and powder it to absorb the oil and also to stay for a longer time. Apply make up in a well lit room or under good light. Take tips from a trained beautician.

WT - How does one choose accessories - footwear, jewelry, bags, etc?

RH - Don't over-accessorise. Choose one accessory that draws attention. Eg - a good pair of earrings (chandeliers) draws attention to the face and you can leave the neck bare. Go with one or two good bags that you can keep for a long time. Choose footwear, jewelry and bags in colors that match majority of your clothes in your wardrobe.

WT - Any other thoughts or words of advice on beauty for our readers?

RH - Be comfortable with what you wear and that will bring confidence. Don't be a victim to style. Wear what suits you. Your make-up and dress should make you feel on top of the world and you put your best foot forward!

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