Excessive Sweating!How to Combat Them?

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Excessive Sweating!How to Combat Them?

Do you sweat more than the other people, even after you do small amount of workout and other activities? Find out the cause for excessive sweating.....

Sweating is a normal reaction when your body's working harder and needs to cool itself down. Excessive sweating, also called as hyperhidrosis can be a warning sign of thyroid problems, diabetes or infection, and also more common in people who are overweight.Commonly affected areas of the body are hands, palms, feet, armpits and face.

The cause of excessive sweating is mostly said to be idiopathic (unknown). Although neurologic, metabolic, and other systemic diseases is said to trigger the sympathetic nerves that can lead to excessive sweating.

Natural ways to combat the sweat are:

  • Shower or bathe regularly. Use an unscented anti-bacterial soap to reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin.
  • Choose your fabrics wisely. Find the type of fabric and clothing styles that you feel most comfortable in. These products give you a confidence boost and help your outer clothes stay as dry as possible.
  • Follow relaxation techniques. Try practicing yoga or meditation. This will help to control your excessive sweating.

If your sweat is not controlled by above natural tips, below are some ways to consider to control the symptoms:

  • Antiperspirants. Special over-the-counter or prescription sprays, lotions, and roll-ons can help control symptoms.
  • Lontophoresis. This treatment uses low-level electrical impulses to temporarily disable the sweat glands. Patients usually have 2-3 sessions a week with each session lasting for 20 minutes. Some may require session once a week or month.
  • Medications. Some drugs can stop the sweat glands from kicking into action.
  • Botox. Injections of Botox can temporarily stop the nerves from triggering excessive sweating. It is approved for treatment of excessive underarm sweating.
  • Surgery. One approach is to cut a nerve in the chest that triggers excessive sweating. Another is to surgically remove some of the sweat glands.

Consult your physician if your sweating is excessive to get the right treatment. Do not ignore!

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