6 Healthy Benefits of Performing Face Yoga Daily

  • 31 months ago
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6 Healthy Benefits of Performing Face Yoga Daily

What is Face Yoga?

You must have come across people who have once in a while suggested you do face yoga, but you don't know how to proceed with it. So what is face yoga?

Face yoga involves massage and exercises on the facial portion to stimulate the muscles and the lymphatic system. Face yoga helps to alleviate stress and tension by relaxing your skin cells and the adjacent muscles.

To get glowing skin and improve the appearance of your face, you must know what the face yoga benefits and some of the face yoga asanas are.

What are the face yoga benefits?

Several face yoga benefits will surprise you as well as convince you to start doing it daily. Let's have a look at them. Face yoga helps to:

  • Enhance face muscles
  • Generate positive vibes
  • Make your skin glow
  • Reduce dark circles
  • Facilitates proper breathing

How to perform face yoga asanas?

1. Eye circling

This asana helps in blood circulation. Use light and smooth touches to get better results. Gently keep your fingers on the inside of your eyebrows and slowly move your fingers outside—stress on the temples for some time and then the cheekbones. Then continue doing this in a circular motion for 30 seconds. This will not only help you relax but also make you feel good.

2. Face tapping

Make sure you wash your hands before touching your face and proceeding with any exercise. Face tapping promotes relaxation and helps in blood circulation as well. Start tapping some of the sensitive parts of your facial region with your fingertips. Start from your forehead and continue till you reach your jaws. Gently rub your palms and bring them over your face. Then take a deep breath and relax.

3. Stress relief

The eye strain is a bothersome element that often happens due to excess stress and tension. To get relief from the pain, you can gently press into the inner corner of your eye and move your fingertips outside in a circular way, following one particular direction. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat the same thing in the opposite direction for 30 seconds again.

4. Brow massage

The Frontalis muscle, situated at the front of your forehead, often goes through a lot of pain. This muscle becomes rigid and stiff due to overuse and hence the pain. To give relaxation to this muscle, you can try the brow massage asana. Place your fingers on the middle of your forehead and gradually move them towards your temples. Keep there for some seconds, and then release your fingers. Continue doing this for 30 seconds.

5. Lifting your cheeks

The cheek lifter exercise will help in blood circulation and is suitable for the face. Gently put your fingers on your cheeks and push them upwards towards your eyes to relax the cheekbones and the adjacent muscles. Then release your cheeks to lower them. Repeat this a number of times and hold the cheeks upwards for approximately 20-30 seconds.

6. Brow contraction

Place three of your fingers on your eyebrows to force open your eyes. Then smile to release your eyebrows against your fingers to create a contraction. Hold each step for 20 seconds to see better results. Repeat the same exercise a couple of times to get relief from the pain. You will feel better each time when you do this asana. The frontalis muscle will relax and release the stiffness they were born with.

Stretching and strengthening your muscles will facilitate blood circulation and relaxation. Therefore, start doing face yoga whenever you have leisure time. I am sure you are going to love the change you'll go through.

Face yoga is a beautiful technique to enhance your skin and make them smooth. Moreover, face yoga carries health benefits, too, as listed above. So, don't forget to check the article and suggest others as well.

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