Family Fitness and Weight Loss

  • 19 months ago
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Family Fitness and  Weight Loss

Making exercise a family activity not only helps improve every family member's physical health and well being, but it's also good for our spirits and aids in family bonding.

Exercise helps:

  • Helps make weight management and control easier
  • Helps the family share more things in common
  • Encourages family members to spend more quality time together
  • Helps strengthen family relationships
  • Helps children develop healthy habits early on in life
  • Helps children develop physical skills and self-confidence
  • Helps make weight loss success more likely for any or all family members

Regardless of the makeup of a family, here are some examples of the most common and best forms of family exercise:

  • Walking or jogging with a pram
  • Family bike riding or walk/bike rides
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Aerobics or gym workouts

Weight loss and exercise can be hard to maintain without help. Fortunately for many of us, help is close at hand and comes in the form of our family.

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