Family Stress

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Family Stress

The woman of the household has the onus of balancing the whole family's needs and this can become stressful at times. Learn to relax, leave things undone and give your body some time.

Simple steps to get you started.

Get Support

* Involve family members in day to day chores. Assign tasks. This will help reduce the burden.

* Join a support groupThis can give you the chance to share information and connect with people who are going through similar experiences. It also may help combat the isolation and fear you may experience as a caregiver.

Take care of yourself.

* Take care of yourself. Stay healthy for yourself and those you care for.

* Work hard to maintain your personal interests, hobbies, and friendships. Don't let caregiving consume your entire life.. Balance is key.

* Set reasonable expectations to lower stress and make you a more effective caregiver.

* Delegate some care giving tasks to other reliable people.

* Take a break. Short breaks, like an evening walk or relaxing bath, are essential. Long breaks are nurturing. Arrange a retreat with friends or get away with a significant other when appropriate.

Keep balance in the family.

* Pay attention to other family members. Family members with special needs require extra care and attention, but don't let it be at the expense of the rest of the family. Take time for other family members, too.

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